Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here we are 3 years later...

Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary! Seems just like yesterday Bret was just the annoying kid across the street always torturing me.... stealing my hairbrush, turning off the power to my entire house when I was home alone at night, putting flowers in my ears, throwing bugs and mud at me, pushing me into the pool, showing up at my window at night with a monster mask on... I could go on forever. Now here we are today and he's the father of my 4 beautiful babies... who would have guessed?!
Usually this week we are off to the Poconos back to our honeymoon spot at Cove Haven Resort. Not this year, we can't go that far from the babies just yet! Instead Bret surprised me by setting up one of the NICU nurses to come watch the babies so we could get out just the two of us. We have gotten out just a few times together without the babies for a wedding and reception, but tonight... just us! We're taking full advantage of the night and are going to On The Border my FAVORITE mexican restaurant! I used to put away that food before and while I was pregnant... and don't get me started on the hot sauce WOW! One night (when I was preggo of course) Bret brought home a bucket full of it... had to be at least a quart... intending for me to munch on it all week, chyeah right - gone in one night every bit of it! Ok, I need to stop, I'm about to drool over the keyboard. Here's a few (ok a million) pics of Bret and I from (way) back in the day to now. Enjoy!
Me being so unbelievably hot in my green shorts showing off Bret's first love...
i mean first truck.
Yes, he loved me so much he agreed to wear my cheer uniform and I wear his lil' bro's football uniform and go trick or treating with me down our little gravel country road. To all of his co-workers laughing hysterically right now... I give you permission to give him grief about this at work :]

The night he (finally) proposed!

Our BIG day 7.29.06

Showing off our growing babies this past Christmas
( I was only 4 months along in this pick... wow)

Here we are 3 years, 4 babies, 100's of more grey hairs later still happily married.

Love Ya Babe, Happy Anniversary!


  1. I love you guys and I am sooo happy for yall! Hope you have a great night!

  2. Aw so sweet! And Holy Eyelashes woman! Those things are BEAUTFIUL!!!! Congrats to 3 years!

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! BEAUTIFUL memories! Thank you for sharing and for allowing us to have a glimpse inside ;)

  4. Happy Anniversary you crazy kids! Love ya, Sis

  5. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! What a ride!

  6. OMG - I am sitting here thinking i am sooooo old! I can't believe Chuck and I have watched ya'll group up from little annoying kids to parents! Amazing! Ya'll are a beatiful couple with beautiful babies! Congrats! Angela

    PS - love the green shorts! Love even better? Bret in that cheerleading outfit!!! :-)

  7. Congratulations on 3 years! This post was awesome. A flash into the past.

  8. Congratulations! We also honeymooned at the Poconos, at Cove Haven. We will be married 6 years in November and are hoping to go back one of these years. Love the professional pics of the babies, very, very cute!

  9. Happy anniversary! LOVE the family pic! Really enjoyed the glimpse at your history together. Super sweet!

  10. Happy Anniversary and congrats on the little ones. I am enjoying watching them grow in the pictures. I am thankful my friend Deanna sent this site so I could visit it. Looking forward to continuing watching your little family grow up. My best to you all and God Bless you all!!

    Dawn Mesa - Maltby, Washington

  11. Adorable pics! Love the wedding pic of the two of you, what a beautiful bride you were! :) Happy belated anniversary!


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