Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Big Reveal!

The Quad's helmets are finally done and we are proud to show the results! After weeks of wondering how I was going to decorate them myself I heard of a place called 360 Wraps who is known for turning ordinary vehicles into eye catching moving billboards and becoming well known for their Band Wraps as well. I was so relieved to know someone actually did this yet I was worried about the cost... can't be cheap to have such amazing artwork done on 4 odd shaped helmets. I checked out their website and was SHOCKED to see the word FREE! Tommy and his staff offer this unique service free of charge to any babies having to go through the DOC Band experience. Find out more about 360 Wraps and see some amazing work by clicking on their link on the right side of our blog!
Tommy & Babies
When we arrived last week to have Brody, Korbin, & Kylee's bands wrapped the staff was so welcoming and pretty much let us take over the office. We were able to feed, change, play with and put the babies down for a nap without feeling like we were in the way or driving them crazy (which isn't hard to do!). I thought it would be cute to have the babies helmets match but not be exactly the same so we went with their signature colors in a cool metal looking cameo. We put their names on the front and "Baby Boy A" "Baby Girl B"... yada ya on the back. I have been wanting little t-shirts that have the "Baby Boy A".... on them but again, our little money tree out front has yet to grow any money :) This was the perfect opportunity!
I (still) have faith group shots will get easier as they get older...
My Korb Worb looking handsome as always!
Little Baxlyn! She has actually done really well with her helmet. I figured she would have the hardest time adjusting.
Sweet Kylee flaunting her beautiful lashes!
A Happy Brody = A Happy (thankful, blessed, grateful) Mommy :)
Love this look on Brody's face, ugh little heart-throb!
(you gotta love Kylee cracking up in the background holding her fake snake.. what a girl!)

A HUGE thank you to everyone at 360 Wraps for making this not-so-fun experience with helmets a little more enjoyable! We greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedules and offering this free service to our babies as well as the others. We wish you nothing but the best for your growing business!
-Bret & Heather


  1. Heather, they are so cute! I love the pictures of the babies! The one of Kylee cracking up with that fake snake had me rolling. I'm glad you were able to find such an amazing company that did such a great job for free! Keep up the great work, Bret and you are doing awesome! Hugs and kisses and love ya always!

  2. Love their helmets all decorated! And boy does Kylee have pretty lashes, especially in the last pic. :) And Korbin is sooo handsome...love his pretty eyes! :) Brody and that smug look...hahah. ;) And Baxlyn's cute little smile! :D Goodness you've got some cuties on your hands!

  3. (Kylee with the snake)

    Kylee: "I'm going to take over the world - hahahaha!)

    Brody: "She can't be serious..."

    Great blog Heather, it made my day!

  4. how flippin COOL ARE THOSE BANDS?!?!?! awww! they look so cute! hope you guys don't have much longer! the results are just amazing.


  5. I love all of the pics!! The helmets turned out amazing!!! They are sooo cute!! These babies are all precious!!!

  6. Every time I see these pictures, I get a little tear in my eye! I'm SO happy for you, Heather! You can tell that these little babies are SO happy, too- you always have them grinning from ear to ear! Congratulations on the helmets and the cool new wraps! God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i love love love the helmets!!! so super cute, and i enjoy reading your posts and seeing the oh so precious pics of the babies!!! :)

    -sheridan johnson

  8. by the way heather, that pic with kylee cracking up with the fake snake is hilarious!!!!! it totally makes my day!!! :O



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