Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 Months

I can't believe the babies are 10 months old... and on top of that were about to celebrate their first Christmas... wow! Thought I would document where each baby is now that they have hit "double digits" (age wise that is)!

Miss Kylee
"As of 10 months I can say "Dada". I love to smile and laugh. I am getting really close to holding my bottle on my own. I can roll easily both ways. My reflux is getting WAY better as I get older. I am working on learning how to sit and to pivot on my stomach. I am the ONLY ONE who has a tooth and am expecting my second any day now!"
"Could I get any cuter?!"

"As of 10 months I am almost a professional sitter. I can say "Dada" and "Buh Buh". I love to commando crawl especially to the tile floor. I enjoy being in the entryway playing with the door stopper thingy and being in the kitchen looking at the dogs. I am getting really good at holding my own bottle. I LOVE to pull up on things like people's knees and big things (Mom & Dad think I'm gonna be the little dare devil of the group)!"

"Here's a pic proving I DO have hair"

"One of the things I do waiting for Mommy to get me in the mornings..."

"I LOVE when Mommy shares her pizza with me!"
"For a second I thought I had found ANOTHER one!"

"As of 10 months I am a pro at holding my own bottle. I am a pretty good sitter. I love to commando crawl into the kitchen. I enjoy talking and saying "Dada". I LOVE apple juice and don't hesitate to steal the other babies' when I'm done with mine. My favorite words to hear are "Jumpy Jumpy" it makes me smile."

"My doctors and therapists say the jumpy jumpy is not good for my tight hips so my time in it is very limited. I still spend time with the jumpy jumpy tho... holding onto it's straps from below..."
"...sometimes I hang on when someone else jumps..."


"As of 10 months I am a decent sitter. I am starting to pivot when on my stomach. I am a total rockstar at holding my bottle and do so with just one hand! I am a great talker and like to say "Dada". I also love to growl (yes like a monster). I don't like peas. I am doing much better at bearing weight on my legs when Mommy and Daddy hold me up. I am really starting to notice my brother and sisters, especially when were at the table eating, they make me smile!"

"Sitting with Dad at Childrens."

"Me and the best brother ever :]"

"I get to enjoy time with Mommy all by myself once a week at my cranial appointment (I get my third helmet this week)!"

Happy 10 months my sweet babies... PLEASE slow down :]


  1. Oh Bret and Heather. Could they be any cuter? Really, they are adorable. They still look like babies but I am starting to see the toddler in them.

  2. NOOOO don't say that Heather :[

    lol just kidding!

    .... kinda ;)

  3. They are adorable! Can't wait until they come to church on a regular basis! Arwen will be so thrilled to see the "bebe" (as she calls them)!

  4. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog! My daughter has quads that were born on February 23rd, so close to the age of your babies. She has a blog also: garrettquads.blogspot.com

  5. heather this is by far my favortie post! i love how you put such detail in each baby, You have done such a wonderful job at knowing each of your babies one on one. I can tell they each get a lot of "mommy and me" time. You are doing an excellent job, Merry christmas!


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