Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Quads Meet Santa (Picture Edition)

If you missed the last post "Quads Meet Santa" scroll down and check out the video! Like I have mentioned before I intend on making our blog into a book and obviously the videos I post won't be in them. This was a special occasion that must be documented sooo here's another look at out visit from Santa!

The babies' first sight of Santa!

It didn't take long for Brody to freak out...

But dear ole' Santa is prepared and busts out the wondrous candy cane and all is well!
Baxlyn loved the whole experience and would have gladly let him take her home!

Korbin & Santa
Kylee & Santa (her dress was her security blanket. Without it in her mouth she screamed...)
Santa & Babies 2009
Terrified Kylee & Brody on the left. Baxlyn & Korbin on the right.


  1. What great pictures! Your children are simply adorable1

  2. How precious. I love Brody's face and Baxlyn's little smirk like she knows something that the other's don't.


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