Sunday, December 6, 2009

Look at what were doing now...

The babies are not totally sitting up on their own, but they're getting close! Each one can sit independently for a short period of time before taking a crash. I'm hoping by Christmas they'll have it down :] Thanks to our MUST HAVE padded flooring we don't have to stress the babies falling over and bonking their heads. Not only do we not have to worry about head-bonking but we don't have to worry about puke or pee either it's great! Everything just wipes right up (by no means am I welcoming you to pee on my living room floor....)! I have attempted to get a pic of them all sitting together but by the time I get one steady the other one/ones has fallen... we will get there eventually!
One more picture supporting why the padded floors are a must.Don't ya just LOVE his look of innocence... "Mommy. It WAS NOT me." It really was my fault. I left my cup of Kool-Aid on the floor thinking I would catch any of the babies coming towards it... chyea right! (Why would I leave my cup on the floor?? I was on the couch eating and we no longer have coffee tables!!) The floor was an easy clean up but Korbin on the other hand was stained. His hands, arms & tummy was as red as red could be!

Stay tuned, priceless video of that little-red-stained-hunk-o-love coming soon!


  1. Just recently found your blog. Congrats on the 4 little healthy ones you have in your life :) I just wanted to say that when my kids started sitting but weren't completely stable yet, we sometimes would put the boppy behind them on the floor when they sit, just around their legs and behind so that if they crash it isn't so hard. Plus, with the 4 all at the same time, it might help with a picture. Just in case you hadn't thought of it yet...

  2. Oh my. They are getting so big. I just love Brody expression. He always looks like he is so tired of you taking his picture. It is priceless.

  3. Aren't they getting so big!! :) Looks like Brody is the sturdiest sitter at this point. Cute pics!! Love the kool-aid spill!

  4. sweet kylee, studly korb-worb, sassy bax, & serious bro-man... :] i just love them- these pictures are adorable!!

  5. Hi Heather-I gave you an award on my blog. Go check it out.


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