Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A day at the ZOO!!!!

We took Brody to his neurosurgeon last week in Fort Worth and hoped to make a trip by the zoo but it was too cold. I cannot tell you how bummed I was. I had been looking forward to the zoo trip and getting out of this dang house for weeeeks. The forecast for today was great so Bret and "Aunt Banan" took the day off and we headed to the Dallas Zoo (which by the way for you locals has come a long way in the past few years- very nice)! Luckily it wasn't busy and the people who were there kept their "Ooohs" and "Ahhhs" at a distance. I was afraid we would be the main attraction the whole day but it wasn't bad at all!
Here's Bret pushing the stroller as we entered!
Mommy and Baxlyn
The girls couldn't care less about the cute as can be penguins right next to them.
Mommy and Brody with the elephants.

My Monkey (with his new found facial expression) with the monkey!
Sweet B!
Brody's FAVORITE part - the chickens and sheep! He LOVED them so much. The zoo has a small children's area where the kids can get really close and Brody could have stood here all day. Each time we took him away from the gate he SCREAMED! (check out the chicken in the background standing on the sheep - too funny!)

Hardest part about the outing? - lack of adults. We quickly learned it would have been nice to have one adult per baby making it easier to let them all see things at the same time. We managed and juggled babies back and forth so everyone had a chance to look!
Daddy, Kylee & Brody lookin at the fish!
Baxlyn would have been in the water with them in a heartbeat. This girl is a fish out of water!
Korbin & the ducks
Baxlyn riding the turtle (and Anna "hiding" behind it!)

Another one of Korbin's gummy new faces.... this kids a ham lately :]
This one could be one of the cutest pictures ever... little B and the big elephant!
Kylee and the frog Baxlyn.... looking for her prince?!?
Anna and the girls!
We had so much fun and I will totally be taking the babies back again before this Texas heat really kicks in. RSV lockdown is almost over (WAHHHHOOOO!!!!) and we can finally get back to our normal lives... ok our new normal lives I guess that is!


  1. I'm so glad y'all had a great day! Great pics!

  2. Aaarrrnnkk aarrnnkk @Bret lol!! -Nikki

  3. PRECIOUS !!!!!!!!!!! those kiddos have such personalities......I want to come and play w/them Heather....This is Anna Peters ;-)

  4. awwww yaaaaaaaaaaaay! i'm so glad you were able to get out and go to the zoo with your precious little monkeys! those smiles just melt my heart! and good for you- on getting them out and letting them explore!!! (also, glad you didn't have a ton of people stopping you every couple of steps and could just soak up every second with your lovies!)

    hugs, girl!

  5. Okay so you trumped me! Not only did you do the zoo, you got them out of the stroller AND you blogged about it the same day! Rock on WOMAN!

  6. Great pictures. Looks like zoo day was a great time. Love ya'all

  7. Great pics! I'm sure you could have used a few more hands. :)


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