Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

I thought it would be nice for you to get your "quad fix" today by pulling up the blog and finding a sweet picture of the babies in their matching outfits with beautiful smiles and angelic behavior. I'll start by saying that isn't at all what you will find, not today.

It has been a while since I have tried to take a group picture of them by myself. I dressed them, took time to gather Baxlyn's 9 hairs into a little ponytail, grabbed my camera and proceeded to sit them up in a line on the couch like I always have before... clearly they weren't interested in taking a group picture...

(you may notice Kylee only has one ponytail in these pics. She is able to reach up with her right hand, pull out, and eat her other one so this may be her new look until she learns that's a "no-no")

I knew I had to "contain" them somehow if this group picture thing was gonna work, soooo my idea??? Put them all in one crib!

This first shot gave me hope, all I had to do was get Baxlyn to stand next to Kylee and look at me...

Of course that didn't happen. It wasn't a minute later and you would have thought I had caged 4 wild animals...

There was bow stealing...

...nose smashing...

...snot flinging... good fun goin' on in there!

Clearly, the crib was NOT the way to go, so I carried them one by one back out to the living room for my next idea - GRADUATES PUFFS!
I knew this would be a long shot, but I was desperate, so I stood them all up at the couch and threw out the fruit puffs like chicken feed across the couch and let em' go at it...
Thought this was a cute one from the back. BTW are my babies the only ones who get diaper wedgies???
Despite my obnoxious animal noises (that I would never do in public) I couldn't get them all to look at the camera at the same time...
every once in a while I would loose one...
Then all of a sudden TA-DAH! they all looked!! Not one smile, but all 8 eyes looked at the same time, what more could I ask for!!!!
After 92 pics, I finally had one I was "OK" with. I set them all down on the floor and they managed to give me one more group pic - the boys even threw in a smile :)

Needless to say our photo shoot wore them out and they are all sleeping like rocks now! Hope you all have a great St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Absolutely Beautiful!! Can't wait to see them tomorrow!

  2. Great job Heather now that wasn't sooo tough was it? Great pictures. Can hardley wait to see their Easter pictures. Love Ya'all

  3. You sound like me taking a WHOLE bunch of pictures to get the perfect one. I only have two kids different ages so I can imagine what you have to go through to get your ONE good picture.

    AHHHHHHHHHH, they joy of parenthood. :)

  4. Oh Heather those are great! I don't think I've ever posted before but I've read your blog since your pregnancy (dirty little secret: I started reading a lot of multiples blogs, but your babies are my fave). Of course they start cooperating when you're about to fold. :)

  5. I teared up when I saw Bro-Man's hemangioma. Is it in the shape of a heart? HN had one exactly like that on her back and I LOVED IT! Then, just like the doctor said, at around 24 months it started fading and is now gone for good. I probably kissed that little heart on her back a million times! Oh, I miss it! They are sooo stinking cute and trust me, pictures only get harder! I just gave up! Love ya honey!

  6. Yes Heather, I take a REDICULOUS amount of pics to get a single shot. Thank goodness we don't rely on disposables anymore!

    Thank you Lisa! I like hearing from "long time readers, first time commenters"!

    No Sandra, his hemangioma is not in the shape of a heart, but I do love it about him! It's just one more thing that makes him stand out. The other day it caught Baxlyn's eye.... she stared at it for a few seconds, bent down and sucked on it HAHA! She will enjoy hearing that story when she get's older ;)

  7. In the pic that they wwere all looking but weren't smiling they all had prety much the same expression.

  8. Omg heather this is hilarious! I love the nose smashing!!!! Hahaha. -Nikki

  9. I don't know your babies personally but have been following since they were born and they just make me smile, they are so darn cute. I love when you post the videos of them laughing. Makes my day. Wish my babies were still babies!

    Thanks for sharing with the world!

  10. Another long time reader, first time commenter! I love the pick of the "bow stealing". The boys are looking at her like "'re not supposed to take bows!" LOL! Beautiful babies!

  11. LOL very true Anon, I love that pic too of the boys watching her take Kylees bow!

  12. So funny, especially to see it unfold in the pics. ;) I know how you feel, and I'm only trying to get pics of two together. HAHA


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