Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just to hold you over...

Yes yes yes - we are still here and doing well! I rarely go that long without posting a blog and some of you are having serious withdrawals - IM SORRY! I thought I'd get straight to the good stuff (pictures of course) to hold you over until I can get a "real" post up!

Sweet sweet Kylee swingin' for the first time!
One of many attempts at a family picture...
Miss B


Brody, unsure whether or not he really wants his cupcake...

If this one doesn't melt your heart...
Then SURELY this one will...

Stay tuned, lots to come!!!!!!


  1. OMGOODNESS! With his arm around him, I melted!!! Love it!

  2. I have been following you for a long time now and I must tell you they are so big. It is a good thing you are making this blog so that if you ever forget just how small they were, you can just look back to your earlier posts and see tons of pictures. They are so cute.

  3. Yeah, you got to go outside! I can't believe how fast they're growing. They look amazing. I can't wait to see them again.

  4. why was baxlyn upside down in th family pic?

  5. Elizabeth - thanks and you're right I am already amazed when I look back at older posts and at how they change so fast! I'm very glad we decided to document thing this way!

    Robin- yes it's been a while, Ill email you!!!

    Anon- Baxlyn just wouldn't cooperate this day. She didn't want to sit in my lap or stand up next to me, so I thought if I held her upside-down maybe she would think it was funny and smile - nope!

  6. Love the last one w/ Korbin's arm around Brody! Terribly cute! :D


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