Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just a few random pics...

More "real" posts coming soon. Until then, here are some pics to hold you over. Some of you Facebook friends may recognize 'em. Enjoy...
My sweet boys Korbin & Brody

"OK Brother. Fold your leg closest to me inward. Put your other leg through the slats of your crib. Throw your baby(ies) out of your crib. Grab one of the slats with your left hand and then scream your head off so Mama will come in and save us. On the count of 3 GO!"

This is what a rotten little girl looks like...
Serious sisters...
We managed to get in a walk during our cold front (which means 95 degrees)
I leave the room for 13seconds and came back to this. "Dinner is served!"
Again, real posts coming soon! Hope you are all having a fun busy weekend like us!


  1. Those babies are so cute!!!

  2. Wow! Just look at the kids, They are looking awesome!! Very Nice Post!!

  3. I adore kids their so cute and the boys are making me laugh loud, I love it.

  4. Cute pics, love the bumper sticker on the wagon "yes we're quads" :)


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