Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oh Baby Oh Baby!

Since being back from my Momcation (detailed post coming soon!) I have gone NON STOP! Two of my best friends were due to have their babies this week and I just KNEW I would miss one of them while being out of town. Lucky for me, those precious babies waited for their Aunt Heather to get back in town before making their big debut! I got home from Austin Tuesday afternoon got some quick lovin' on my own babies and then headed to see Tisha and meet her sweet baby girl, Trysta Lynn, for the first time.

Beautiful mom with her beautiful beautiful baby!! There's a reason you haven't seen many pics of me post-delivery - YIKES!!!

Introducing Trysta Lynn

Proud Mommy & Daddy
Congrats Jamie, Tisha & Big Brother Hayden on the new PRECIOUS addition to your family! We love you guys SO much are are SOO SOO happy for you!

Friday morning I headed to the hospital to be with Anna & Mason as they waited for little Levi James to arrive. Being the germaphobe I am, I warned Anna a while back that it was going to be my job to make sure everyone knew their hands were to be washed before touching the new baby. I showed up with my friendly reminder sign for the door and was presented with my own "Aunt Heather on Germ Patrol - Levi Loves Clean Hands" sanitizing bottle (Thanks Aunt Bethany)! I was on duty all day and so happy to be... any little sniffle around me and WA-BAM! you've been bathed unexpectedly in Lysol. That's how much I love you Levi ;)

The amazing pics below taken by Amy Horton!

Introducing Levi James

Proud Mommy & Daddy

This picture is amazing to me on so many different levels.... Proud Daddy Mason with Levi, Chris & Bret.
This morning Bret and I took the babies up to the hospital to meet their new friend.
Baxlyn meets Levi
Kylee meets Levi
Korbin meets Levi
Brody (who seems more interested in a nap!) meets LeviLast but not least yours truly with some of the most special babies in the world :)
Congrats Anna & Mason, we all LOVE you TONS!

Special thanks to Bret's Mom, My Mom & Dad, & Miss Ashley for watching the babies so Bret and I could be with our friends on one of the most important days of their lives!

Ahhhhh... now I need to wipe the tears off of my keyboard, go to bed a pray hard that this BABY FEVER breaks soon!


  1. Congrats to your friends! Baby fever is tough to break, I've got a bit myself right now. ;)

  2. Awe!! Both of those babies are soo sweet and blessed to have their Aunt Heather!!! I enjoyed getting the priveledge to watch your four little blessings!! Love you all!! Congrats Anna and Mason!! Levi is adorable!! Congrats Tisha!! Trysta is precious!!!

  3. I love the picture of Mason, Levi, Chris and Bret! It is awesome and it means a lot to me too, Amy did a great job!


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