Saturday, July 10, 2010

A reunion with our NICU family!

Each year there is a NICU reunion at The Medical Center of Plano in celebration of all NICU graduates. To say I look forward to these reunions is an understatement... I cry just thinking about having the chance to see the nurses and doctors who helped keep my babies alive and to hug their necks until they're blue in the face. I've told them a million times and will every time I see them how much I appreciate them and how they will never fully understand the impact they have had on our (and many others) family. It's been over a year now since the babies have been home and still not one single day goes by that I don't think of them. (sniff sniff... tear!)
Our 2010 family picture... the babies could HARDLY contain their excitement!
The babies met Blue last year for the first time. I wondered if they would freak this year but they didn't... Baxlyn kept a very close eye on him though!
Kylee & her new friend Cassie. How sweet is this picture?!?!
You'd think they planned those sassy look alike smiles :)
Our family with Dr. Kuforiji & Dr. Lucena (2 of the 3 neonatologists that were with our babies 24/7)Below - Kylee & Dr. Kuforiji
I love this picture. To be honest, I used to dread talking to Dr. Kuforiji. It seemed she was always the one who delivered the bad news... in some cases very very bad news. I sat in front of her many times with tears of absolute fear streaming down my face. Slowly but surely I grew to adore her, her guidance, and her words of wisdom. This picture of a doctor's sweet smile and an innocent baby girl's gentle touch is so precious to me as a mother... if Kylee only knew how God used Dr. Kuforiji's hands to save her :)
Below - Baxlyn & Meredith
Ahhh.... where do I begin?! Meredith was Baxlyn's Baby Buddy in the NICU which meant Meredith cared for her from about 2 seconds after she was taken from my tummy. Bret and I miss late (and I mean LATE) nights sitting in the NICU, spending time with the babies and chattin' in up with ole Meredith! She was one of our favorite nurses and always made a point to not just care for the babies, but Bret and I as well. During the rough days she was always there for a hug and during the easier days, always had a joke to offer (even if it was on us ;)). I swear there's a little bit of Meredith tucked away in Baxlyn somewhere, as corny as that sounds. They have a lot in common... both petite lil firecrackers, funny, smart, and full of a strong willed attitude! Thank you Meredith for everything, our NICU stay wouldn't have been the same without you!
Below - The 6 of us with Dr. Lucena
I don't think I have ever come in contact with Dr. Lucena without receiving a HUGE smile from him! He is such a happy positive person to be around, which is just what every NICU needs. Even on the rough days Dr. Lucena could point out the good in our situation and smile. He always gave us a ray of hope when there seemed to be no end to a dark tunnel. Thank you, Dr. Lucena, for being you!
With Dr. Lucena and Meredith
Another amazing thing about the NICU reunion is getting to see the other babies who were there the same time we were. Our babies took up one side of the NICU along with the Walker twins, Addie & Alex. Occasionally a baby would come join them for a day or two and then be discharged, but for the most part it was just the 6 of them. Addie & Alex were born at just 23 weeks gestation. FYI, many doctors consider viability (the lowest gestational age at which most newborn babies could have a mere chance at survival) 24 weeks... we're talking major miracle babies here people! I'm lucky enough to get to see their sweet Momma every few weeks and the babies got to be reunited this weekend!
Call us crazy but we attempted to get a group picture of all 6 babies... it wasn't easy......but it wasn't impossible! Here's a ridiculously blurry picture (what are the chances - ugh!) proving it CAN be done! All 12 eyes looking in one specific direction!
Before leaving we made our rounds and visited the rest of the nurses in the NICU (not able to attend the reunion) and Labor & Delivery.
Here we are just outside the newborn nursery window where Bret and I were congratulated several times (WHILE I was still pregnant and looking like a bloated cow) last year.
(You can read that story here)
By the time we made it home the babies were OUT!
Thanks again to all of the nurses who work so hard to make these awesome reunions happen! It is so good for us as parents to come and be reminded just how special our babies are and how blessed we are that they are here today! THANK YOU THANK YOU!
-Now that's a lot of love ;)


  1. Fun stuff! I wish our NICU had an annual reunion. It looks wonderful!

  2. That is so cool, makes me want to go back and visit our NICU really bad now.

    Love the pics - those kids are so cute!

  3. SO glad y'all had a good time and got to see everyone...I would love to be able to do that! Also, I LOVE the pic of the girls sacked out...too cute!

  4. They are beautiful little miracles from God. Thanks to all the doctors and nurses who provided such wonderful care to my four little grandbabies.

  5. I remember when we took our (now adult) twins back for a NICU reunion...indeed, you feel so blessed!!

  6. Wonderful, I would love to be able to do that! Also, I LOVE the pic of the girls sacked out, thanx for sharing.

  7. Well, I would love to be able to do that! Also, I LOVE the pic of the girls sacked out...too cute! keep it up.

  8. Thanks to you for putting up this blog... I have two month old twins (1 month adj) that spent 7 days in the NICU. Although our story is not as intense as yours, it still helps to hear the success stories and gives us hope for the future. Lots of love to your whole family and keep up the inspiration!!

  9. Such a sweet entry! Made me all teary eyed! I bet it's great for those doctors and nurses to see the babies they had to work so hard on, as little toddlers and beyond! I love your honesty in your blog, it helps me realize the struggles you guys have been through and feel even more blessed for what you have now. :)


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