Monday, August 16, 2010

18 Months!!!!

Really? Already? It's so hard to believe the babies are already 18 months old. It seems time has been slipping through my fingers since they were born at an early 28weeks gestation. I remember when they were two weeks old saying "OH MY GOSH, THEY'RE ALREADY TWO WEEKS OLD!!!!" Now here we are in our early days of, dare I say it.... toddler hood! Forgive me if I continue to call them my "babies" until they're 30 please.

In what was supposed to be their birth order - Brody Baxlyn Korbin & Kylee
"Soo.... where do we stand at 18 months you ask???"
"Let's start with me, Brody, shall we?! I'm not walking yet but I am a professional crawler. I can walk a few steps slowly behind a walker. I love to growl and snort. I love to play chase with my mommy. I get really excited when someone throws a big blanket or sheet over my head and lifts it up again! I have 6 teeth and can sport a mohawk like no other. I love my Mickey mouse more than I love food. When Mommy opens the lid to the box so I can pick my own cookie, I take a very long time. After snorting with excitement and looking at each one VERY closely I slowly put both of my hands in the container to try to take two, hoping she won't notice. I can say "please" and "more" in sign language. Although I'm not talking yet I do like to imitate words like "Mama. Dada. Bop Bop & Baba". I am really close to saying "Uh-Oh" but the "Oh" part is a little hard for me to learn. I love to clap my hands & dance. I can show you where my bellybutton, nose & hair is. I currently wear a size 4/5 shoe. Mommy guesses I weigh about 23.5lbs but we will find out for sure when I go see Dr. Reyes this week. I have been doing really well in therapy and cooperate most of the time. My therapist and developmental pediatrician both agree I would benefit from braces similar to what Kylee has. The doctors will be working on getting me into Scottish Rite soon, along with Kylee."

"Baxlyn here! I'm for sure the hardest for Mommy & Daddy to keep up with these days. I like to wander off on my own and when you call my name to come back I run further away. I love to climb and balance on things like the couch, the slide, even small things like a wipe box or tiny container. Won't be long and I'll have these baby gates figured out too! I LOVE to help others, especially my brothers and sister. If Brody is across the room and his Mickey is on the other side, I reunite them as fast as I possible can. I also like to make sure Korbin has his Monkey and Kylee has a blanket too. My favorite things lately are blankets, not any certain one, just any random blanket. I am starting to talk and learn new things. I can say "Ball. Lala. Dada. Uh-Oh. NO! Heh-low. Mama. Mimi. Bop Bop. Row Row. Up & Down." I can say "Please. More. & Jesus" in sign language. I can point to my nose, eyes, tongue, hair, head, bellybutton & teeth for you. If you'd like me to, I can point to all of yours too! I currently wear a size 2-4 shoe (depending on the brand). My hair is slowly growing, Daddy even put it in a ponytail when we were in Kentucky. Mommy quickly took it out when someone mentioned it looking more like a stinger than a ponytail :( I have 4 beautiful teeth and I love to brush them everyday! I am for sure a water baby. I love to take baths and could be in the swimming pool all day long! Mommy assumes I have finally hit the 20lb mark maybe even 21!"

"Cool-Dude-Korbin here! That's right, I was supposed to be born 3rd BUT Kylee had other plans and made her way into Dr. Leveno's hands before I could, therefore I am "Baby D". I am still pretty easy going and am very similar to Baxlyn in a lot of ways. I see her do things and I quickly follow. I too, have learned to climb on the couch and love the slide. Mommy will be the first to tell you I am all boy! My number one nasty boy moment was when Mommy caught me sucking my pee out of the carpet in front of me after a bath and then finding a dead roach and chewing on it just moments later - yes that's right I AM GROSS! I have a tendency to randomly fall sometimes hitting my head on the corner of a wall or on the hard floor leaving bruises for the world to see. I still love my monkey, especially at night. My 3rd and 4th tooth are making their way in so I can eat more meat like Daddy! I too like imitating sounds like "Mama. Bop Bop. Dada & Lala". Although I really enjoy the bathtub, I am not a fan of swimming. I really love my Mommy lately and love to go up when she's not expecting it to hug her, it melts her heart :] I love to dance to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song and the Hot Dog song. I enjoy going to The Little Gym on Saturdays with Mommy & Daddy and the other babies, it gives me a chance to roam, explore and be independent. I like animals but get very nervous if they get too close to me."

"Last but not least, Kylee! Big news for me - I learned how to CRAWL this week!!!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!! I have been so close for so long and a week ago today it clicked and I have been crawling ever since! I am getting much better at balancing and think it's really fun to stand and let go of Mommy & Daddy. I can clap my hands and point to my eyes, nose, hair, head and belly button. I'm not quite talking or imitating just yet. I like to babble sometimes and my favorite word is "Eeesshh?". I am one of the biggest Daddy's girls you will ever see and I shriek LOUD when I see him! I am overall a very happy girl, easily amused, love to giggle and you rarely will see me without a smile on my face! Mommy thinks I am a BIG sweetheart. I still struggle with this dang reflux so the doctor put me back on formula to give my digestive system a little more time to mature. I am in the lead, teeth-wise with 7! Korbin & I are usually neck and neck as far as weight goes and Mommy guesses we're both around 22-23pounds!"

Happy 18 months babies, we are SO proud of you!
-Mommy & Daddy


  1. Happy 18 month birthday my sweet babies! You are getting so big and growing up so fast! I love you all soooo much! Heather and Bret, you guys are doing an amazing job, I'm so proud of you and love you both very much! Sis

  2. Happy 18 months to your precious babies...they are so cute! They grow up way too fast. My twins will be 20 months on the 21st of this month and it seems just like yesterday.

  3. Happy 18 month birthday kidos. You're looking great and growing in all ways everyday. Bret and Heather you are both doing a great job raising them. Keep up the good work and I'll keep you in my prayers. Love all of you.

  4. YAY!!! Happy 18 month bday babies!!!! I love you guys soo much!! It has been such a blessing getting to see you guys grow up!!! I can not wait to see what the next 6 months hold!!

  5. So exciting that they're 18 months already, and also hard to believe! Loved how you broke it up and talked about the milestones of each of them individually. :) They sure seem like little sweeties!! My littlest likes to bust her head on any hard object too a lot and is almost always sporting a nice lovely bruise on her forehead! LOL


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