Friday, August 20, 2010

18 Month Check Up & Scottish Rite

We took Kylee for her long time waiting appointment at Scottish Rite Hospital this week. Upon arriving I thought of the many times we have taken Brody to Children's. The view from the parking lot was filled with bright colors, huge crayon sculptures, and a massive playground open to their patients - a child's dream! As we walked through through the door we were welcomed with friendly smiles and the staff greeted Kylee with a stuffed animal she could take home. The hospital itself was incredible, almost like one huge museum for children with gigantic kaleidoscopes, toys and activities to do everywhere!

Kylee playing in her exam room while waiting for the staff!

Kylee was seen by a nurse practionioner, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist and an Orthopedist... all which had different things to say about Kylee's braces. There are sometimes conflicting issues and opinions between the medical professionals and therapists Kylee sees on a regular basis that leave me, as a mother, torn on what to do for her, treatment wise. I was hoping the team at Scottish Rite could give me a clear black and white answer on what's best for her since they do specialize in orthotics, but unfortunately I didn't get that and it looks like it's a "time will tell" type of thing. The Orthopedist explained her braces are a "temporary assist" and that the problem with her feet turning outward is a neurological issue (which we knew). The braces will not prevent or solve a problem but will "help function".We will hope that she will "neurologically mature" and that her feet will naturally fall into a more normal position. If not, there are things we can look at in the future if needed like surgery, botox or other types of orthotics. For the time being Kylee can wear her braces when needed or when doing things in which the braces help her. Overall our visit to Scottish Rite was great and I'm extremely thankful she was accepted! For now, we wait and pray time will reveal what's best.

After her appointment she, Bret & I went to lunch at Chili's...

where Kylee evidently saw the biggest fry she had ever seen in her life...

We also had the babies' 18 month well check up this week! Other than the boys breaking the bottom drawer, emptying out the drawers, clearing the toy box from the bottom of the exam table and almost pulling the blinds from their hinges, the babies were on fabulous behaivior! They each got their Hep A shot and Korbin was the only one to cry (and just a tad at that)!

My little champ after his shot!

Here are their 18 month stats:


24lbs (23rd percentile)

30 3/4 inches (10th percentile)

18in head circumference (5th percentile)


21lbs 12oz (13th percentile)

30 3/4 inches (23rd percentile)

17 1/4in head circ. (not yet on the chart but no concerns)


21lbs 9oz - YES Baxlyn is a tad bit bigger! (12th percentile)

31 3/4 inches (36th percentile)

17 1/4 head circ. (not yet on the chart and not maintaining her personal growth curve)
*I had mentioned a while back about Kylee's head not growing like it should. The doctors are getting more concerned and are in the process of ordering and MRI and other testing for Kylee to try to find out what's going on. Please pray we find answers quickly so we can help our sweet baby girl thrive like her brothers and sister!*


23lbs 13oz ALMOST caught Brody! (22nd percentile)

32inches (39th percentile)

18 1/4 head circ. (13th percentile)

Developmentally Korbin and Baxlyn are goind well but lag behind a bit in speech. Brody and Kylee are still trying to catch up and measured up to 11months and under. Will will be adding a speech therapist for Brody and Kylee as well as an OT for Kylee. We're told over and over that "2" is the magic age that preemies generally catch up... at the rate we're going im not sure if "2" is our magic number but nonetheless I know they will continue to thrive and be just fine! PLEASE continue to keep our sweet babies in your prayers!

Thanks, Bret & Heather


  1. Kylee and her french fry crack me up! That is hilarious.

  2. Glad the visit at Scottish Rite went well. The "wait and see" is SO frustrating.

    I had also heard that 2 was the magic number, which made me a bit anxious as well, as my twin boys are 20 months and not saying words yet. I was comforted by the comment my son Ethan's EI therapist made-she said that most catch up between 2 and 3. That makes more sense to me and I hope it gives you some comfort.


  3. Love this post! I love how you are always so positive!! 2 is suppposed to be magic, but so far it SUX!!! I keep waiting for all the groans, grunts and screams to be words, just so I can actually know what they're saying! In the mean time, we'll just continue to beat our heads against the wall! Praying daily for you sweet angels and keep us updated on the MRI. Love ya Honey!

  4. Sorry to hear about the braces but thats what happens when you have multiples because you can not get them to full term. Would it not be better to have two children that are healthy vise 4 with health problems for some of them. I know you can not imagine not having your children now but what about the choice before you had them. Do you not wonder what they will think about later in life with problems. Infertily might not be nice but I think fertility treatments are going a bit overboard now with all these multiples.

  5. Dear Anonymous,
    Have you ever met a singleton with braces??? I know I have. Just because they are multiples doesn't mean they are the only ones who will need them. I have met many singletons far sicker than many of the multiples I know. Your mother had a choice as to whether or not to bring you in this world too and maybe she should be second guessing her choice!

    Heather , these babies are so lucky to have a smart, educated, caring momma. Braces or not they are PERFECT!!! <3

  6. Beautifully put Kari. Making comments and hiding behind being anonymous is being a coward. I would wear braces any day before acting like a coward. And somehow I truly believe having braces and being here alive and healthy in all respects otherwise surely trumps not being here at all, but I say that on behalf of those of us who feel blessed not burdened, who enjoy our lives and do not go around opening our nasty mouths and hurting others.

    What an amazing family you have Heather, and you are one awesome momma!

  7. Heather...(and Bret) - Praise God for your miracles. You guys are amazing parents and as a fellow quad mom plus 2 singletons, I don't know any parent who wouldn't want the very best for their child. (TO ANONYMOUS) We have one using a walker. I wonder if you'll ever need any kind of assistance with walking (whether young or old) but I pray people are kind to you!

  8. To Anonymous,

    I'll start by saying it is hard, but not impossible, to carry multiples to full term and nobody enjoys dealing with the aftermath of their prematurity.

    You said: "Would it not be better to have two children that are healthy vise 4 with health problems for some of them. I know you can not imagine not having your children now but what about the choice before you had them?"

    I assume you have never been put the situation where you had to choose to kill (blunt yes, but thats what it is) one or some of your babies. To my husband and I, it wasn't a choice. Period. That wasn't an option. I don't believe that God accidentally created one two or three more babies than he intended to. Each baby was created by him and for a reason. It was He who placed them there and He alone who would take them away.

    "Do you not wonder what they will think about later in life with problems." I take it you assume they will have physical problems later in life? They very well could and sure I wonder what they will think. Regardless of their physical condition I pray they can see themselves for who they are, appreciate the precious life God gave them and realize God has a special purpose in each of their lives.

    As far as your "....I think fertility treatments are going a bit overboard now with all these multiples." Let me remind you when people seek fertility treatments they are not seeking multiples. These are men and women who struggle with what comes so easily for some people, which is having the joys of a baby and being called "Mommy & Daddy". I truely believe had you walked a single block in our shoes, you would have a better understanding of what these precious lives are all about and what they mean to those who love them.

  9. Hmmm. Where shall I start? First... To have loved on and held and kissed these sweet babies, um. er.. big kids now (sorry Heather, but they are getting so dang big)I want to reach through and slap anonymous. It's obvious that you have no clue as to what you speak about. We are not guaranteed ANYTHING in life, not even another day. Fertility treatments or not, we cannot know what will happen during even a conventional pregnancy. I have never struggled with fertility, but I cannot imagine what these parents go through. You show yourself a coward "anonymous" and Heather (and other moms like her) show their bravery and their strength by raising wonderfully made babies. God has a plan for each of them (and all babies, with or without disabilities). So take people like Heather and learn from them, and stop showing your ignorance. I'm embarassed for you.

    * This person is most likely a troll, but what the heck? I had a few minutes to kill.

  10. Yes, I am the blessed grandmother!!!! Yes 4 times blessed.These babies are WONDERFUL BLESSINGS FROM GOD!! As Christians we do not believe in fetal reduction, that is MURDER! We accept and love our babies as God made them. Thank you Heather and Bret for such a beautiful response, I am so extremely proud of you both!

  11. Anonymous,
    The love that these babies experience in their lives will get them through any insecurities they may have over their handicaps... God has done a great work in them so far and He will continue to do so. He only has plans to prosper them - not to harm them (Jeremiah 29:11).

    I will pray that you too come to understand a love like that & that you(or your family) conceive high order multiples naturally(it's possible)... ;]... & learn what a intentional miracle from God that they are.

    We Love you Bro, Bax, Ky and Korb!

    Aunt Banan, Uncle Mace, & Levi

  12. Grandma said it best to Anon! That's murder/abortion! Don't go hiding behind the name "reduction." Call it what it want them to "kill" 2 of their kids. Nice.
    Anon apparently has NO clue! And lots of things can happen to a singleton. In fact, I have a friend that just carried and delivered a single baby boy. They were told he might not survive (due to trisomy 13 & 18). Turns out that he DID survive and has Down's. So, don't go saying that "this only happens to multiples." God is ALWAYS in control! He knows what is best for any family, child and parent! If He wants a family to have 1 child then 1. 4 then 4. God is ALWAYS good!

  13. Heather and Brett
    God was with you when you conceived these precious babies. He knew what he was doing and that he had picked the right Mom and Dad to raise these babies and follow HIS desires for each of them. I think you are doing a great job and they will grow up knowing how much you and everyone else loves them.
    We are blessed to have them and both of you in
    our family.
    Love Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Larry

  14. Heather and Bret,
    I am praising and thanking God right now for you and my precious nieces and nephews. Also for these people who have taken the time to post their support and encouragement to you all. Aunt Bonnie was so right when she said that God was with you when you conceived these precious babies. He makes no mistakes and I believe he meant for them to be here. As for their 'disabilities' it reminds me where I read in the Bible John 9:1-3 As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth. 2 His disciples asked him, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?" 3 Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life." God has a perfect plan for each of us and I know that you all are and will be teaching them about the God who gave them life and who gave His life for them.
    To Anonymous: God made you and gave His life for you as well and I pray that your eyes will be opened and that you will realize your need for Him as your Savior.

  15. Reduction is not murder, its just a way of making a choice to give babies a better chance at having no problems. God did not make one, two or three or more babies but fertility treatments did. Yes singletons can have problems but more and more prematurity issues are because of multiples and the fact the people believe that reduction is murder when it is not. A fetus is not someone you have met and know what they are like.

  16. "a fetus is not someone you have met and know what they are like."

    Ive never met you Anonymous.
    get the facts.

  17. We too were given the option to selectively reduce our pregnancy. We declined because like everyone has said it isn't reduction it's killing. A fetus may not be someone you have met, but he or she is someone you love from the first moment you see him or her on the screen. While yes "reducing" does give the other baby or babies a better chance at having no also puts the life of the one you're reducing for in jeopardy.
    Have you ever struggled with fertility? Have you ever had to make the decision to selectively reduce? If not then you really have no idea what you're talking about. My prayer is that you don't face either.

  18. Heather,

    People say cruel things. Don't worry or fret about it. I believe God gave you precious 4 human beings (from the moment they were conceived) because he knew what a wonderful mother you would be to them! And you are... a GREAT mother! What a tremendous honor that God has bestowed on you. We all love you and support you.

    Psalm 139:13-14 & 16, "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well...your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be."

    Jeremiah 1:5, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart."

    Job 10:8, "Your hands shaped me and made me."

    Job 31:15, "Did not he who made me in the womb make them? Did not the same one form us both within our mothers?"

    I could list more...

    Now, as a nurse, here is another perspective:

    When fertilization takes place, the baby's sex is determined, eye color, hair color and other DNA traits. 21 days embryonic stage the heart starts beating. 35 days embryonic stage budding fingers can be determined on hands. 40 days embryonic stage, brain waves are apparent. At 6 weeks, the liver is formed. At 7 weeks, the embryo moves.

    At 8 weeks, it is now called a "fetus". The fetus is moving frequently due to 40 sets of muscle groups and the neurological system. The stomach produces gastric juices. The liver and kidneys are both functioning.

    I think you get the point...

  19. A HEART BEAT is A SOMEONE!!!!! choosing reduction (if you want to call it that) you are putting ALL BABIES at risk, not just the ones you are choosing to "remove!"

  20. Thank you for posting Psalm 139 Jami...I am a mom of quads +1 and it is so special to me. My singleton had cancer, hmmm, kind of blows your theory Anon. There are no accidents, single, multiple, whatever, God knew it all before it happened. Anon. he even created you, and knew this moment would happen, and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to stand up for our beliefs in His name.

    Psalm 139:13-14 & 16, "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well...your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be."

  21. Anon just doesn't have a clue. Reduction is MURDER! You are purposely killing a life! And what to say to a singleton mom who found out their son has Down's? Same logic applies for you there too, as you wouldn't want that child to grow up "handicapped." Guess we should murder there too, huh?

    Nope. God IS and ALWAYS WILL BE in control! Yes, docs can help folks get pregnant but tons and tons of people try to get pregnant with fertility help and yet don't have a baby (I have LOTS of friends that this has happened to them!). And yet some folks, example the wonderful Cox family here!, get blessed with 1, 2 or maybe 4 beautiful miracle babies. God has the almighty power to give and take away. Enough said!

    Psalm 139:13-16
    For you created my inmost being;you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

  22. Dear Anon,

    Any fetus is a human being!! As found in Psalm 139:13-16! I am not going to post it because it and numerous other wonderful verses in support are already posted! Also in Psalm 139:13-16 it states that the baby is fearfully and wonderfully made!! ANY BABY!!! That means that the baby who just so happens to have a disability is fearfully and wonderfully made!! That baby was given a purpose and a plan from the moment that sperm hit the egg!! I was born as a singleton with an eye disorder that caused me to have multiple surgeries and I could have been blind! However, even if I had been blind I would have known that I was fearfully and wonderfully made and it would make no difference!! Yes it would be a little more challenging but what is a little challenge but only to make you stronger! My life is just as fulfilling and wonderful even with my eye problems!! It makes you way more aware of the beauty and majesty of this wonderfully created world!!

    As for your comment about prematurity being caused by multiples, that is complete bologna!! Yes have multiples increases your risk of having your babies early but it doens't guarantee that!! Some multiple pregnancies go to full term!! Prematurity is caused by multiple things and sometimes it even just happens!!!!

    As for the comment of questions being asked!! Boy, have you had to explain to your children, if you have any, why they were chosen versus their siblings to make it to full term without being killed? I guarantee you that it is going to much easier for Heather and Bret to explain to their children why they chose to keep them alive and their purpose in life than it will for you to explain to your children why they were chosen to live and why you chose to kill their siblings, my bad you dont believe "reduction" is killing. I promise you that it is much harder for a child to accept the fact that their parent decided to abort/kill/reduce one or more of their siblings than it is for a child with a disability to accept the challenge they have received in their life!

    I leave you with a few charges! I challenge you to go find a child with a diability and look into their eyes! I guarantee you will see their eyes shining and just see pure joy radiating through them!! I am not sure if you have every been around kids with diabilities but I have and they are some of the happiest kids that I have every gotten the privilege to work with! I also challenge you to look into your heart! What are you relying on? Is it your self? God is the only real and lasting source of trust! I pray that you will come to a saving knowledge of God and Jesus Christ because that is the only way your eyes will be open to the true miracle of life and just how precious these babies are!!

    Dear Bret, Heather, Brody, Baxlyn, Kylee, and Korbin,

    I thank you guys soo much! You guys have been such a wonderful example of what it looks life to fully trust and rely on the Lord! You are such magnificant parents to those precious babies!! i pray that the Lord will give you peace through this trying time and that He will keep the ignorant comments at bay! Your babies are absolute miracles and are sooo very precious to me!! Thank you so much for allowing me to watch them and be a part of their lives!! I love you guys soo much and hope that the comment section will no longer be a battle ground but if it is a way to share the gospel than whatever!! Keep up the wonderful work!!

  23. Quoting Dr. Seuss here: "A person's a person, no matter how small."

    Heather and Bret, you're amazing and have so many wonderful people in your life. Your babies are true blessings.

  24. First off I have a friend who had one baby WITHOUT fertility treatments and her kid is in braces and was delivered early. Secondly, does you "annoymous" look around the room and wonder which one of your kids should have been ELIMINATED? For me a heartbeat is a baby,a blessing, a miracle and who the f##k are we to pick and choose our miracles?????? So what because a child needs leg braces they are a "health problem?" That is as retarded as Hilter killing Jews for not having blond hair and blue eyes....there is no perfect person,race,or religion... obviously because you are proof that stupid idiots live,its a shame your parents didn't selectively reduce you for your defect of stupidity. I also believe stupid breeds stupid,so I think its a bit OVERBOARD that there may be a chance you are populating the world with more idiots such as that's not a very nice thing for you to do to the rest of us.

    Reading your emails though it is blarringly obvious that you are not a parent and furthermore you are also poorly educated. A heartbeat is a physiological event that would not occur in a non living creature...therefore a heartbeat is indicitive to life...selective reduction is murder. If you were in fact a mother,that knowledge would be inherent. Luckily, at this point I'm grateful to assume that we will not be dealing with your offspring who will be mentally disabled by your skewed way of thinking. By the way my quadruplets were born at 34 weeks with no problems....beat the full term babies out of the NICU in 2 again more proof of how wrong your jaded,uneducated pathetic opinion is.

    Also, another point i feel you need to be enlightened to, is God did in fact make these multiple babies. He had a hand in creating every single egg placed in our ovaries as we were developing within our own mothers. Perhaps we didnt have the correct balance of hormones to release an egg and we took medication for that,but those eggs were always present from the very beginning. God also helped scientists to develop that medication. Just as chemo was developed to fight cancer. Just as vitamins were developed to fuel our bodies. God released 4 of my eggs, because that was his plan. Just because you COULDNT be strong enough to do the job,please dont make the mistake to believe that this gift wasn't a direct blessing from God. Know this as well God made me and all the other mothers on her stronger than you can imagine....because we not only do a better job with our kids, but do it while dealing with freaks like you. Obviously you have some sick obession with multiples to even be reading a multiples blog....go share your opinions with someone who cares....because we are all tired of pointing out your ignorance and stupidity....its just kind of embarrasing and i dont know how you make it through the day with that screwed up little brain that is attached to your go kick rocks. By the way I'm pretty sure karma will be reminding you soon what happens to those who doubt God's miracles...enjoy that lesson,you have total earned all that karma has in store for you.

  25. I think the point has been made, and anonymous has been verbally smacked down. I like what I see. :)

    I'm just going to pray that your heart would turn and that the "choice" never presents itself to you. It's sickening.

    Now, I want to go see those kids and give 'em some love...

  26. Hey Anonymous,

    I feel bad because everyone is bashing you. You are not stupid and I'm sorry you are being called names. You are valuable and you were also created for a special purpose. God loves you and has a great plan for your life. Just ask God to reveal Himself to you and He will do it. That's what I did and it totally changed my life!!!

  27. Anon,
    I agree with Jami. I don't like your opinions, and I don't think what you have said helps anyone, but I do believe that your life has a purpose, and I will pray for you.

  28. I have a stepson who was born as a singleton with a brain tumor and is now considered legally blind. His happiness radiates through him and he functions like you and me. I have twins one of which has disabilities because of genetic issues not because of fertility issues. I challenge you to look in her eyes and tell either of them they werent beautifully and wonderfully created. Shame on you anonymous for coming down on any child as though they werent made in the eyes of the Lord. They all are here now and serve a purpose. Maybe their purpose is to see what a selfish unkind judgemental person you are........

  29. I have never posted before but I can't bieleve how hurtful anon comments are. You are being amazing parents !

  30. Huge crayon sculptures. Well, these three simple words remind me of my little Erika. It was 1985 when I first brought her to a dental visit. She was struck by the humongous crayon sculptures made from styros drawn with paint. Then she silently told me, soft hauled my blouse “Mama, I want to be one of them.” And then I gaped to where her finger was pointing, then there’s a group of chatting girls in white uniform, one of them has stethoscope hanging by her earlobe. “You mean, one of the pretty Hanahan dentists?” She nodded but the conversation ended there. To cut it short, and while telling it, I occasionally smile for every thought—she is now a successful Hanahan dentist. Imagine how fate works. From the little unconscious silent words, it was transcended here to a realistic and truthful world. I am just proud being a Mom of a seminal dentist.


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