Tuesday, August 31, 2010


7 head molds and 8 helmets later we said good bye to Cranial Technologies forever! All four were "diagnosed" with moderate to severe (severe being Brody) positional plagiocephaly in July of 09. Baxlyn, Kylee & Korbin graduated out of their DOC bands back in November and yesterday was Brody's long awaited BIG day! Most babies wear their bands from 4-8weeks.... Brody sported his for nearly a year. Poor dude broke records with his and has worn it more than half of his life! Brody has a total of four molds that we were able to keep. It's amazing to hold and literally feel in your hands what his head WAS like and what it IS like today - huge difference!
My Big Man with his Certificate! Congrats Brody!
When Brody grew out of his last helmet we questioned whether or not to do another. His head surely needed it, but the question was is his head still moldable enough for the helmet to help. We thought the helmet could only help and it was (thank God) covered 100% by insurance so we went for it - helmet number 5. Just weeks after he got the new band we went on our vacation to Kentucky. While there we spent A LOT of time outside in the blistering heat therefore Brody didn't wear the DOC band. Once we got home we put it on him and within minutes he had figured out how to take the dang thing off. After many attempts at making him wear it we came to the conclusion that it was time to throw in the towel... Brody's DOC days were over.

Below are some images of Brody at the beginning of his DOC band journey (on the left) compared to this week at his final appointment. Although his head isn't anywhere near perfect it is MUCH MUCH MUCH better! (Ignore the random finger. Brody had torticollis as well making it nearly impossible to hold his head straight.)

In the pic below if you look to the bottom left of his head, you can see his shunt. The shadowed part on the right side of his head was significantly flat and caved in which now looks much better!
and a view from the top!

When the others graduated I got a sweet little group picture of them sitting together with there certificates... THIS was all I got this time around... ridiculous man! We tried and tried and tried again to get them to stay still and it just didn't happen!

Our last goodbyes to our friends at Cranial Technologies. Baxlyn leading the pack with a big wave!
Thanks to all of the staff and therapists for taking such good care of our babies over the past year! We GREATLY appreciate everything you did for us!


  1. Congrats! You guys are doing an awesome job. Such cute pics...Brody's hair is way too cool to be covered up anyway :)

  2. Brody you are a BEAUTIFUL first born child and I love you so much. You are all growing so fast!

  3. Soo sweet!!! I remember going with them to their first appointment to get the helmets!!! It doesn't seem like almost a year ago!!! I love you Brody!! Congratulations on graduating from your helmet!!

  4. Whew who! Finally huh! Good results. You can really see a difference. I'm kinda curious where you keep the molds though.

  5. Trio Momma - the molds and helmets are all stuffed in the top of my closet. Reallllllyy thinking about bustin' em out for halloween tho and making a lil gravsite or something along those lines to freak people out.... I'll let ya know if I do, you can come check it out ;)

  6. You are SO LUCKY to have 100% insurance coverage on your bands, that is SO RARE. Most have an exclusion for cranial bands and call it cosmetic :o(. We paid almost $4k for ours, and that was money we really didn't have - imagine that times eight.



  8. Heather...that is funny! Good Halloween Idea!

  9. Glad he's done w/ the band! :) His pics look lots better!


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