Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just when I think we're in the clear...

Mama Bear gets sick...
I woke up Monday morning with a little sore throat and by that night I felt like my throat was rotting away. Tuesday morning, the doc confirmed I had BAD strep throat - joy. After a strong shot of antibiotics, pill form of antibiotics and spending the past 48+ hours (mostly) in bed, I feel zero relief. To make matters worse, migraines keep trying to sneak in on me and it's all I can do to stop them before they get too bad. It's safe to say I have the ugliest looking tonsils in Texas and I'm nothing short of miserable. Please say a lil' prayer I get some relief soon and more importantly that the babies don't get it. A HUGE thanks to my mom, dad and sister who have been here to help with the babies allowing me to v e r y s l o w l y heal, you guys are the BEST!


  1. I hate to laugh, but that face looks just like you when you are showing me the back of your throat!!LOL!! As I have told you, just focus on getting well and get that migraine prescription!

  2. We'll be saying some prayers for you. Its not good when momma gets sick. But its good you got others to help with the kids so you can rest up. Mommy was sick all last week and was quarantined to the bedroom, so daddy had to take care of the kids every night and morning before nana came to watch them while daddy went to work. That was one very long week with very little sleep. So you in our prayers and we hope you get well soon, and hope none of the kids catch it.

    The McCleary Quads


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