Friday, March 4, 2011

An Update from Sick Quadville...

Well... it's Friday. I am proud to say I(we) have survived one heck of a week consisting of endless medications, breathing treatments, kisses & hugs. We have had some major mood swings over the past 4 days. One minute everyone is happy and the next they're dropping like flies to the floor in complete misery. It quickly goes from a nice fun chorus of "Do The Potty Dance" to "...mama...hode you....ahhhhhhhhh......hode you!".

Korbin despite having RSV is doing ok. He's got a rough cough and a never-ending runny nose. At any given time he's got a face covered in dry, crackly snot... kinda looks like some kind of "dry and peel" facial treatment you'd see in a spa. He's been getting breathing treatments here and there to try to help with his lungs... so far not a huge improvement but not getting worse.
Kylee, mood wise, is doing WAY better than the beginning of the week. It was her and Baxlyn wanting to be held 24/7 making it impossible to do anything. I assume her infection is going away since she's not tugging at it.Tuesday morning she woke up crying and her legs were as stiff as a board. The steroid shot she got Monday to help her fever made her little thigh SO sore she couldn't stand to walk or bend her legs. Luckily though, the shot did it's job and finally kicked in after about 24 hours and the fever hasn't come back since. She and Baxlyn both have begged on numerous occasions to go "night night" throughout the week, poor girls :( Her cough has gotten more persistent but isn't sounding worse, so for now we just continue the meds and wait it out.
We were told Monday to bring Baxlyn back in on Thursday if she was still coughing, which she was(is). She was tested for both Strep and RSV. No surprise, both were positive. With hardly any appetite she's lost 1lb since her birthday (2 weeks). Good news though - her lungs sound better than they did on Monday so the breathing treatments are helping tackle the pneumonia. Her mood, unfortunately, hasn't gotten much better. She clearly doesn't feel well and spends the majority of her days hidden under her blanket on the couch or begging to be held. She doesn't seem to be getting worse so that's a plus. Brody has somehow managed to stay pretty well. He's coughing a little and has a clear runny nose but that's about it. He's full of energy and walks around like a little ray of sunshine hugging the others as if he knows they don't feel well! Not wanting to be left out, he gets in on the breathing treatments every once in a while too! We ask the others if they want to "take their 'BZZZZZZ' medicine" and while they answer "no", Brody waddles over as fast as he can, plops down in the chair and says "Bo Bo! Bo Bo!" So so cute!
So, we're all hanging in there and are hoping the next few weeks fly by so we can get back to our normal routine...ya, playdates, our weekly trips to the zoo ;) Please continue to keep us all in your prayers. Thanks!

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  1. Awww Brody looks so much like Bret... but blonde!



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