Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The last words a preemie mom wants to hear...

...."your baby has RSV". Welp, I just heard 'em. Our lil' Korb had a positive RSV test this afternoon at the doc's office. Like I mentioned in the last post, the boys have been coughing and this morning Korbin went down hill. He was coughing a very different cough, one that sounded a lot like Baxlyn's and the one he had in January, which is when he was diagnosed with pneumonia. I loaded Korbin and Brody (might as well kill two birds with one stone, right?) into the car thinking we would go, find Korbin has pneumonia again, get some more meds to add to my now at-home-pharmacy, and we would be on our way. Nope.

Dr. Reyes was out this afternoon so we saw Dr. Alvis and the first thing he asked me was "did they get synagis this year?" unfortunately I had to tell them that no, they didn't qualify. He listened to Korbin and said he could hear "stuff" in both lungs, especially the right. He said he wanted to do an RSV swab as well as a breathing treatment. I thought OK sure. The nurse came in, swabbed his lil nose and proceeded to check his O2 saturations. I stood, making the "quack quack" noises moms make to make their kids feel better about having their finger slightly pinched. After several tries the nurse said "hmmm....92, Mom...". It hit me by surprise, I have to admit. They always take their sats at sick visits and they are always a nice and pretty 98-100%. 92 wasn't soooo horrible, but it wasn't where it was supposed to be. Luckily after a breathing treatment his oxygen level was up to a 94/95%, much more pleasing to see by all of us. The boys and I then sat in the exam room and played while waiting on the results from the RSV test.

The door finally opened and Dr. Alvis looked me in the eye, sighed and said "It's positive". My heart SUNK. Sure I know RSV is nothing to them like it would have been last year, I know are in the clear for any life threatening outcomes, and I know everything will be ok. But RSV is the monster of monsters in the preemie world, and a part of me felt defeated the moment I heard those words. Dr. Alvis said although it was horrible news to hear, thank goodness it's this year and not last. I couldn't agree more and I thank God for that. He said it's very likely the girls have it and it's very likely Brody, although clear now, will get it. He also said they are highly contagious for two weeks and it could take 6-8 weeks for it to completely go away...ugh.

For now, we continue to give them all breathing treatments as needed, stay away from other kids, and most importantly watch their breathing patterns closely at all times. There are no meds or cures for it, we just have to ride it out and pray it doesn't get worse. Sooo once again, we ask for your prayers as we are on a new "lockdown" until they are all strong and healthy again!


  1. Oh, no!! :( Hope Brody miraculously avoids getting it, and that the others recover quickly!!!

  2. Will be praying!
    As a mother of two I can't even imagine dealing with four sick at the same time with something so yucky!
    I am sure they will be fine we just need to pray for quick recovery's, sanity and strength for the parents.

  3. Yeah those are not something a preemie mom or day would want to hear. We also didn't qualify for the synagis shots either this year. And there is no way one could pay for those shots out of pocket for 4 kids. We hope they start to recover quickly. Its not a good feeling when you can't give them anything to help them get better.

  4. My 7 month old is just getting over RSV, and it is awful! His was about 2.5 weeks and he still has a lingering cough, but he's sounding better everyday. I will keep you guys in my prayers, and hope for a speedy recovery!

  5. Seriously....where do babies pick up all this stuff? It's just crazy! I hope, hope, hope that the little RSV bug will disappear sooner than later! I hate stuff that you can't treat. You feel helpless. Bring on the movies, blankets, and pj's right?

    JoSue Rudd from PAMOM

  6. My oldest had RSV at 4 months. She wasn't really considered a preemie since she was born at 36 weeks 6 days but she was only 4lbs 15 oz at birth.

    We had to do breathing treatments every 4 hours for the first 48 hours and then every 8 hours after that for 72 hours. It wasn't pleasant and I wouldn't want to do it again. Thankfully she did recover but it took several weeks and a dose of steroids to get her back to her normal self. I will be praying that they all get better soon.

    Keep your chin up momma. Those babes are some pretty strong little ones.

  7. We didn't qualify for Synagis this year, either. Even with all the precautions we take, RSV is just so common. We can only do so much, you know? (((hugs))) I hope they get well soon!

  8. Such a great post.

  9. Premature babies are born to live and they are a gift of god and I am sure that they can survive and they will. Just be so calm and be strong for them.


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