Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dudu & Poop

I guarantee you the thought that came to your mind when reading that title is nothing like the thought that pops into my babies' minds when hearing those words. The words "Dudu & Poop" to the average person are quite unpleasant. The words "Dudu & Poop" here in our house are the words that make four little toddlers drool and come running in excitement ready to satisfy their hunger with a delicious treat.

As some of you know, Brody calls his Mickey Mouse "Dudu". That has been Mickey's name for quite some time now. Recently I introduced the babies to Whinnie the Pooh....which quickly translated to Whinnie the Poop or just "Poop" most of the time. Sams sells a huge container of cookies and our house is never without one. The first time while handing out the cookies Brody, looking at one side of the container yells "Duuduuu!!" and Korbin, sitting on the opposite side exclaimed "POOOP!!!". There ya have it folks... our Dudu & Poop cookies...

Hope you are all having a great week!


  1. Oh that is funny. I guess my girls calling their diapers "bops" isn't that strange now!


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