Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quad's First Easter Egg Hunt!

Last weekend our local moms of multiples group had a "Spring Fling" at a local park. There were lots of cool things set up for the kids like face painting, a petting zoo, pony rides, all in addition to the playground and the highlight of the day, the Easter egg hunt! Brody was super excited at the sight of all the "putballs" sweet lil guy! I was really looking forward to see them carry their cute little color-coded baskets all around and gather eggs (or putballs in Brody's case) with big smiles on their faces. The parents, all having twins or more, all held the littles back until the whistle blew (clearly I didn't get the memo, hence mine charging for the field of eggs alone) and when it did, wowie it was like the flood gates opened and a sea of little people went running!

It was Daddy's job to take pictures and my job to count to four over and over and over again, making sure we kept track of everyone. It was NOT easy. Within 30 seconds after the hunt began, all four babies and all four baskets were in 8 different spots. Korbin was more interested in picking flowers, Brody (seen below without his basket) was more interested in watching someone else gather eggs, Kylee had found someone with a dog, and Baxlyn was in her own world as well! Seriously?!?! Here I am trying to keep track of my four (among the 150 other toddlers their size), I'm sweating my crack off running across the field trying to chase our baskets down, again trying to hunt down the quads to get their baskets back to them, all while trying not to run over other babies along the way. Whew! What. A. Challenge.
We were told to bring 1dz plastic eggs PER BABY filled, then each child was able to leave with 1dz eggs. By the end of the hunt, no joke, I think we had like 3 eggs between all of them. Luckily our triplet friends were better hunters than ours and they had plenty to spare! Once the hunt was over, they started to realize the eggs opened and there were things inside. Here's a shot of Baxlyn checking out her goodies! Me showing Brody the goodies in his putballs.... I love this picture of Angela (mom of triplet boys) going as fast as she can to find age-appropriate candy in the eggs while 7 toddlers beg! What you don't see are the two dads standing just 3 feet from her relaxed, arms crossed, hair (or lack thereof) blowing in the wind... just watching her do her thing ;) Of course I had to try for a group picture... It didn't last long but, it was a group picture, so I won't complain. Baxlyn, sweet thing, trying so hard to cooperate for Mommy!
You better believe we came home and PRACTICED our egg hunting skills and are now more than ready for the next hunt!


  1. They are SO sweet! I LOVE the last picture of them...SO cute! :)

  2. You have a wonderful family. I happen to be a quad mom as well, and boy is it hard work!! My quads will be 18 months on the 29 of may, and I have loved watching your quads grow!!


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