Friday, April 1, 2011

Humpty Dumpty...Humpty Korbin...

"In the clubhouse Korbin stood tall,

Through the window Korbin did fall...

A land on the head and a scream from Mom,

Blood coming from the mouth said something was wrong..."

I'd continue in rhyme, but it may be a few more weeks before I'd have a new blog post ;) Amy came over yesterday to teach me a thing or two on my new camera. We were in the backyard letting the kids roam and play while we were snapping pictures when I turned just in time to see Korbin fall, headfirst, out the small window of their new clubhouse (seen in a post a few weeks ago). As if seeing his head hit the ground were not bad enough, when he started crying, blood came running out of his mouth - FREAKED ME OUT. Thank goodness Amy, a mother of three rambunctious girls, was a little more collected than myself!

A good "mommy evaluation" was done and we felt his little noggin was fine, his front tooth on the other hand, was shifted forward and easy to wiggle. A call to the ped's office led us to a visit with the dentist this morning. He was a champ through the whole thing, Xrays and all! The doctor said his tooth is extruded and has a 50/50 chance of "dying". Although I'm thankful his fall didn't lead to anything more serious, I'm reeeeeaalllyyyyy hoping we hit the good 50% chance and his tooth survives! If it does she said it won't go back into its "correct" spot, but shouldn't affect his permanent tooth. He will go back in 6 weeks (which happens to be the time of their semi-annual check up) to see how the lil guy is doing!

I knew the times were coming... accidents, bloody noses, broken bones, cracked noggins... but do they HAVE to start at 2?!?!?! Ahhh...the joys of parenthood!


  1. Poor little guy! I hope he gets to keep his tooth for a long time!

  2. So scary Heather!!!! Praying he gets to keep it! Poor little dude!


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