Saturday, March 24, 2012

Welcome Beautiful Spring!

I’m here! Apparently we’ve got people with some serious Cox-Quad-Withdrawals going on and I apologize. I’ll admit though, I’m a bit flattered. Sometimes I wonder just how many people still read what I write and I’ve been reminded over the past few weeks there are PLENTY of you still tuned into our busy lives. I will tell you if you stay tuned you will not be disappointed :)  Remember you have the option of following via email. Simply enter your email addy in the box on the right side of your screen to subscribe to our feed.

The weather has been beautiful here in our neck of the woods lately and spring time is in the air! We had our local Moms of Multiples “Spring Fling” this weekend and had a blast. Bret’s been super busy 22/7 lately so I’ve been running things solo most of the time. Challenging but possible, nonetheless. This weekend’s Spring Fling was no exception. Pulling approximately 160lbs behind me the Quads and I chugalugged in our choo choo to join our fellow multiples families for some spring time fun!

When going out, especially among a numerous amount of other babies and toddlers I like to dress mine all the same or similar. It’s easier for me to spot mine out in a crowd when they’re all in yellow, red or in today’s case, overalls! Special thanks to Mamaw, we love the denim! Lots of pics for you today and several are multiple attempts at one picture. As always, it’s hard to get them all to look in one direction, at the same time. I’m able to bribe them nowadays (shame on me. whatever.) to do certain things for candy. It works…kinda. They all smile at some point, usually not the same point. The downfall is that the smiles are ridiculously fake. Epic fake. So forgive me for the multiples and enjoy…

Korbin, Kylee, Brody & Miss B

spring fling 2012 059Perfect example of the fake smile I was talking about. Kylee resembles a gummy grandma in serious need of some dentures here… spring fling 2012 062

There were many attractions during the Spring Fling (phenomenal job to our children’s parties coordinators by the way!). Between the train ride, the bounce houses, the food, the Easter Bunny (which we went NO WHERE NEAR) and the live animals you can bet my little crew wanted to spend every minute with the animals. The goats, of course, in particular. They were in Heaven!

spring fling 2012 055spring fling 2012 046

Kylee (using Miss Lefty to assist!!!) held her cup just close enough to draw the goats in but not quite close enough to feed them. Lil’ tease!

spring fling 2012 024spring fling 2012 049spring fling 2012 011

Kylee and another fake smile standing “so tall” on the trailer. Notice her death grip on Angela…baby girl has developed a little fear of heights over the past few weeks.

spring fling 2012 069

After last year’s Spring Fling I knew we had to be prepared for the big egg hunt this year. We spent some time yesterday practicing at home (I could do a whole post on that as well. Sheesh!) They did much better this year hunting for eggs and I’m pretty sure we came home with as many as we brought, which was the goal. Notice Kylee’s got hardly a bottom layer of eggs in her basket while Baxlyn’s is nearly overflowing ;)

spring fling 2012 087

Never have I loved bald lil’ men as much as I have lately. Mmm sweet boys hold their mama’s heart!

spring fling 2012 093

Enjoying a snack. Kylee, Baxlyn, florescent Brody& Korbin!spring fling 2012 117

Had to throw this one in of Kylee in the bounce house. Our timing to visit the bounce houses was perfect and they were empty. Kylee, for the first time, was able to ”jump jump” without being clobber clobbered and she loved it!

spring fling 2012 104spring fling 2012 175spring fling 2012 185Looking at the pigs! Seriously, I can’t get enough of the overalls! 

spring fling 2012 123  spring fling 2012 134

Brody spending a lil time with the “heenk honks” as they call them ;) (Umm.. now that I read the sign “do not feed the horses” I’m thinking they are donkeys right?! Tell me I know my farm animals and the sign is wrong? eeek?)

spring fling 2012 145 spring fling 2012 148 More attempts at a group shot…spring fling 2012 158 spring fling 2012 161  Love this one of Baxlyn, sweet baby girl!spring fling 2012 164

“Everyone look at Mommy’s camera and smile…” “ok….nobody look at Mommy’s camera and smile?”

spring fling 2012 168Thought it would be a cool pic to stand a bit above them and have them all looking up. Didn’t turn out quite like I planned LOL. Reminds me of the other week’s “touch shoulders” pic! Technically they did just what I asked!

spring fling 2012 173                So, that’s it for today. Again, stay tuned and I won’t leave ya’ hangin’. For those of you who didn’t see our previous March of Dimes post, scroll down a bit and check it out. We’re…. umm….a teeny bit behind on meeting our goal and we need your help. The last two years we’ve blown our goal out of the water so I aimed high this year. Please, donate, and help us help the babies. Click here and follow the given link to donate or to read more about our personal mission to help fight against prematurity.

Until next time :] 


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