Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Festivities 2012

We had a great Easter this year with our big 3 year olds! This was the first year the quads sorrrrta kinda barely understood the meaning of Easter. We talked a lot about the Resurrection of Jesus and how he died and rose again. Of course they didn’t grasp it, but we planted a seed for sure! With as much candy, bunnies and eggs as they get we want to make sure it doesn’t over shadow the true meaning of the holiday!

As surprising as it may be, I majorly failed in the photo taking department this year. Big time. Sadly, I failed to get a picture of them together ON Easter, much less did I get one of the 6 of us…ugh. I did manage to get plenty of pics of our Easter egg dying fun a few days prior at Aunt Beth’s house. She and Nana do a great job at always making sure the kids have fun things to do around the holidays! Last year, if you remember, the boys were not feeling so great and Brody missed out on the egg coloring completely. Luckily this year they were all well and had a great time coloring their eggs.

easter 2012 186

Pinterest. The online learn-to-do-anything-on-earth website. Do you use it? I personally haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet (I hear it’s ridiculously addicting) but one of my friends told me about an idea she saw on there. Letting little ones use a whisk to hold their egg while they dip it…. GENIOUS! Seriously, how great of an idea is this and why am I JUST hearing of this?! Anyways, we gave it a whirl and it was WAYYY easier than last year. No dropped or broken eggs, no colored fingers from the dye, no swimming after eggs in the bottom of cups with a spoon…etc. The whisks allowed the quads to dip their eggs completely by themselves and mess free!

easter 2012 103easter 2012 124

Last year Baxlyn insisted on tasting the vinegar over and over and over. This year she had a lick or two but wasn’t quite as impressed as last year!

easter 2012 129easter 2012 101

Korbin, bless his heart, has been my smiley one lately. Fake smiles, but smiles nonetheless when the others refuse to let me get a picture…

easter 2012 087 easter 2012 094 easter 2012 096  easter 2012 151 easter 2012 165 easter 2012 178    

Easter Sunday was unfortunately a cold, rainy one. They were able to have a quick egg hunt after church with their little friends but the rest of the day was spent inside. By the end of the weekend they enough candy to last a good year. Halloween’s got nothing compared to this Easter thing! We parents can control how many doors they knock on at Halloween…. it’s hard to tell your kids not to pick up eggs that are right in front of them! The few days after Easter I gave out a fair share of their candy to the neighborhood kids as long as they’d promise they’d brush their teeth ;)

We hope you guys all had a great Easter!

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