Sunday, April 29, 2012

Developmental Check Up: Braces Round 2

Brody & Kylee had their 6 month check up with their developmental pediatrician a couple of weeks ago. Both are a bit behind in most areas but are making tremendous progress in getting where they need to be and “catching up” after their rough beginning. I always love these long appointments with our developmental ped. as we get a great, thorough examination and look at exactly where they fall developmentally and best of all, I always walk away with a renewed sense of pride knowing how far they’ve come! They both weighed in at about 31lbs and great news, Kylee’s head circumference is not only staying consistent with her own growth curve, but it’s on the charts!

This appointment Brody was “officially” diagnosed with Diplegia Cerebral Palsy, a form of CP affecting the legs. He’s always been a bit off when it comes to balance, coordination and such but lately he’s getting worse. His case is mild, thank goodness, but affects his daily life nonetheless. He has trouble with motor planning which makes little things like stepping up and down curbs or different surfaces, running & jumping hard to do. Despite stretching his legs on a regular basis he is becoming tighter and tends to tiptoe more than we’d like.

Sweet Kylee still battles her Hemiplegia CP as she continues to grow as well. Unlike Brody, she has started to jump and is able to get both feet off the ground – huge deal!! She’s started to run too! You can really see the way her CP affects her when she does her little run. The left side of her body gets pretty tense, her left arm comes in and fisted towards her side and her left foot turns in quite a bit, as she hops with her right foot over it. I’ll admit I think it’s adorable and I love watching her. The best part is she’s got a HUGE smile on her face any time she’s running and is clearly very proud of herself!

Brody & Kylee both are being fitted for leg braces to try to help them with their CP. This will be round 2 for Kylee and Brody’s first time in them. If you’re a long time follower you might remember Kylee wearing both an AFO & an SMO when she was 17 months old. Although she wasn’t walking at that point, she did well with the braces and they didn’t seem to bother her at all. She and Brody will both be getting AFO’s this time, Brody on both legs helping to hold his feet flat and giving him a good stretch and Kylee just on her left, guiding her foot to a natural position when she walks/runs. 

They were both fitted last week for their braces and did great during their appointment. Although painless, in order to make their braces, they have to have molds made of their little legs . Kylee was NOT A FAN during her last casting, so I was a bit nervous at how they’d do this time. It was nice this time around, being able to explain what would happen before we got there. I had showed Kylee and Brody pictures from when Kylee was little and told them “yay, you get to get braces!”…which of course led Korbin & Miss B wondering why they don’t get to have braces…ugh, can’t win! Anyways, I told them both that Mr. Spencer was going to put mud on their legs and it was going to be SO SILLY!

Once we got in the room, we asked who wanted to go first and Kylee was ready and willing. She plopped up on Daddy’s lap with a smile on her face and was excited about the “silly mud”!

braces round 2 194

Brody sat close by keeping an eye on everything that was happening and Kylee sat and stole the heart of Spencer as he casted her little leg. She carried on a sweet little conversation with him the entire time…braces round 2 197

Here she’s helping him by holding the “noodle” in place…braces round 2 199

My sweet girl and I!braces round 2 212    Brody was up next and did great as well. He wasn’t stoked about the process but managed his way through it. We were cracking up the entire time over this look on his face…braces round 2 205

Again, Kylee right in on the action, helping hold the noodle as Brody’s cast was cut off…braces round 2 207

Once all was said and done he was all smiles and told Spencer “I fink I need a sticker now.” LOL!

braces round 2 210 

I can only hope they do as well with the actual braces as they did with getting fitted for them. They should be receiving them in another week or so and of course, we’ll update you!


  1. Love andPrayers from one soon to be QUAD Grandma!!

  2. Hi Heather - my husband and I have read your blog since our son was born. He has mild CP as well, and has ankle orthotics. I wondered if you knew a good sock to wear with them that helps with sweaty feet? We haven't had to deal with hot weather in them until the past few weeks. I didn't know if you had any ideas since your daughter has worn them before! Thanks, Mardi

  3. brocks*mom/Mardi

    Thank you for your continued support for our blog! Yes, we did order special socks for Kylee. Check out this link:
    If you click on SHOP NOW, you'll see several sites to order from.

    You may google and find more brands but im sure they're all about the same. You should see several types available, some for AFOs and shorter onces for SMOs (the ankle orthotics). We never had a problem with Kylee sweating in them and my favorite part, of course, is that they're seamless.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Thanks! I ordered a couple of pairs to try out...the website has free shipping. I appreciate your help. Your kids are too cute (I meant to tell you that before)

  5. Dear Heather, I am a twin mom and follower of your blog. Your little ones are so precious. One of my girls also have mild CP and hydrocephalus. I am always a little nervous for her. You have such a positive attitude and a great sense of humor. I love reading your blog!


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