Wednesday, October 3, 2012

36 Weeks–Sweet #5!

Sorry for being such a blog slacker over the past week. Things got pretty rough for me. The insomnia AND restless leg syndrome kicked in BIG TIME and I was miserrrraaable. 5 nights in a row I was up until at least 2am, several nights 4am. With 4 toddlers who wake by 8am it wasn’t working for me. SUPER big thanks to my mom for coming out multiple times allowing me to catch up on sleep! My doc prescribed a little extra iron and some vitamin c and Wa-La, things are MUCH better!

We had our 36 week appointment yesterday along with what will likely be our last sonogram. The baby looked perfect! One of the first things the sonographer said was “Uhh…was he measuring big at the last ultrasound?” lol. He is now measuring in the 87th percentile and weighs approximately 6lbs 14oz – that is a HUGE baby! Granted no where near as big as the quads combined but for one baby, he’s gonna seem huge! Dr. Leveno feels confident we’re looking at an 8, close to 9lb baby if we carry a few more weeks. He gave me the option to basically “keep on keepin’ on” to see if my body progresses on it’s own, giving me a shot at a vaginal birth, but with a baby this big, I think I’ll pass ;) We did set a date for a c-section of OCTOBER 25th!! Unless something happens before then, that will likely be his birthday which will put me at a whoppin’ 39w2d!!! That’s our plan anyways, ya never know what God has up his sleeve!

Bret and I (yes yes, mostly Bret) has been working hard at getting last minute things ready around the house. The baby’s crib and dresser/changer has been set up, his bedding and clothes washed and put in their places, all we lack is paint on the wall and his suite is ready!

36 Weeks! For those of you who have asked, yes, that would be a urinal behind my guest bathroom door – no house built by Bret and his Dad would be complete without one ;)


Until next time!


  1. We are looking forward to meeting this little guy and for the big brothers' and sisters' reaction to this whole new experience! Love y'all, Sis (AKA Aunt Beth)

  2. 25th october? The same day that my son turn 5 :)
    I hope that everything goes well to you and your baby.


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