Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pumpkin Carving with Daddy!

Bret let the babies (yes, I know, I must stop calling them that someday) pick out a big pumpkin on our trip to the pumpkin patch last weekend to carve at home. This was their first carving experience so of course, we document it :)

All bundled up on a cold Saturday afternoon!


Bret cut open the top of the pumpkin and immediately Baxlyn was disgusted!


Korbin wasn’t a real fan of it’s eewy insides either but took a peek. Kylee and Brody thought the insides were Eggs and Cheese. No doubt Kylee would have taken a bite if we would have let her!


Let the gutting begin…


Brody loved every minute of it (notice B in the background keeping a close stink eye on the whole situation)!


They kind of lost interest when the actual carving began, but Daddy did a good job…


The crew with the final project! Korbin less than excited about being forced to take a picture…


Baxlyn, Kylee, Brody & Korb



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  1. I always enjoy reading this blog-- you have such a wonderful sense of humour. I am getting a big kick out of how bundled up you all are for what? 50 degrees? This seems wildly funny to me!
    Your Friend in Nova Scotia


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