Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkin Patch with our 4 Lil' Pumpkins!

We headed to the pumpkin patch this past weekend with our local Moms of Multiples group and had a blast! It’s not too often we get to do things (outings) together as a family so this was a special trip we had been looking forward to for some time! L-R Baxlyn (who can’t keep her fingers out of her mouth when it comes to pics) Brody, Kylee & The Korb!


Two days before our planned trip I learned the good ole’ warm state of Texas was expecting a cold front. Slightly panicked, I pulled out their (ginormous 3T) winter clothes, Nana picked up some cute jackets and we were good to go! It was a verrry cold 50something degrees out (yes, cold to us southerners) but we survived!


My sweet B checking out the Moo-Cows!


Brody happily feeding the goats (you know, our favorite) while it seems as though Kylee is being attacked by a group of them in the background!


Feeding the sheep…my lil’ animal lover!


Torb Worb in all his whiteness ;)


Baxlyn. This girl holds my heart lately <3


Daddy & his boys. We went stroller/choo choo-less. A little tough at times to keep up with them all and Daddy did some carrying but overall they did super great!


Baxlyn, Brody, Kylee & Korbin. My freakin’ world. As hard as the days are sometimes, I absolutely adore my precious foursome. Can’t wait to add sweet number 5 to the mix (2 and half weeks AHHHH!!)!


We took them through their first maze, they loved it!


“1,2,3,4…1,2,3,4…1,2,3….we’re missing one!!”


Baxlyn, our born leader, informing the others of the plan on how we were all gonna get out ;)


Sweet Kylee Mae <3


They each got to pick a pumpkin just perfect for them…


Smillllleee! Baxlyn, keep your fingers out of your mouth!


A blurry picture of about 1/2 of our multiples group that was there that day. No lack of multiples in Texas, that’s for sure!


Baxlyn had been talking and talking about wanting to ride the choo choo train the entire morning. The boys decided to join her but Kylee was a bit nervous. Here’s the trio before take off!


Chugga Chugga CHOOOOO! Bret was just super thankful they were brave enough to go on their own – check out the poor dad shoved in the little car behind them – where are his legs?!


Kylee had just as much fun watching them ride and waving as they passed while getting to spend some “her time” with Mommy & Daddy!


Next up, the hayride! The fun but long and bumpy hayride, not ideal on the bladder of an 8 month, very round pregnant lady…ekk!


Kylee & Brody looking at something in the distance with their Daddy…


Baxlyn and her “puppy” or her “mingo” (thinking that’s a play off flamingo…not real sure but they get it). Stuck together like glue, these two!



Last but not least, our little Korbin & Baxlyn sitting on their pumpkins! Korbin, slightly jipped on his pumpkin size wise, but still sports a smile nonetheless :)


Such a fun day creating more memories with our littles!


  1. Very cute pictures, it sure looks like you had fun even with the cold weather, better than if it had been too hot!!

  2. Those pictures are absolutely adorable. Your multiples group had a great turnout for that event. It looks like it was a really fun day.


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