Monday, October 21, 2013

Future Stylist?

At four years old, the quads don’t care too much about what they look like. Wearing a too-small 18 months shirt because it’s your favorite, sign me up. Shoes on the wrong feet, sure. Buttcrack hangin’ out, why not. Now days, they just don’t care.

Baxlyn has just recently been exploring her ability to do her own hair. She came out this morning looking like this…

b hair

 After a slight cringe, Bret and I both told her she looked absolutely beautiful. I smiled big as I watched her very proudly walk in to school this morning.0

Oh to be a four year old and not care what anyone thinks. Stay innocent, my sweet baby girl <3


  1. Very pretty Baxlyn! I look forward to seeing what other hair do's you come up with! Love, Aunt Beth (AKA Sis)


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