Monday, October 7, 2013

“Homemade” Pizza

I usually leave the grocery shopping up to Bret, we both prefer it that way. I suck at shopping, really I do. I can head to the grocery store to stock up on foods for the house and somehow I end up coming home with 16 frozen pizzas, a few candles & about $200 worth of the latest cleaning supplies. It had been a while since I had a solo trip with the kids so after picking up the quads from school, the 6 of us headed to good ole’ Brookshires. As if that idea wasn’t crazy in itself I decided to go all out and let them all push their own shopping carts for the first time. Go ahead and picture it in your head… FUN!


Our trip went well and the quad-lovin employees welcomed us and watched our shopping adventure with smiles. I stuck to our list and we got most of what we went for. We picked up everything we needed to make homemade pizza. I use the term “Homemade” loosely. Growing up my dad made homemade pizza on a regular basis. He made the dough from scratch, seasoned his sauce to perfection and was sure to use the best of toppings. Those of you who know me personally, KNOW I don’t cook.  I can make your house SPARKLE, but I am no cook. Bret does most of the cooking and I think that’s yet another thing we both prefer ;) Some pre packaged dough that you pop open and roll onto the pan, a can of sauce, some shredded cheese and pepperoni tossed in the oven IS about as homemade as I’m gonna get on any given afternoon with 5 kiddos.


We flattened out our dough and took turns with the rest of the jobs…


Baxlyn, the one who I thought was least likely to spill the sauce, spilled the sauce onto the counter I mean, poured the sauce into the bowl!


Brody had a great time mixing!


We ended up preparing to make 2 pizzas. The directions on the “easy” premade dough was to preheat the oven and start off by cooking the dough for 8 minutes before adding any toppings. Here is Baxlyn and Korbin waiting patiently for the timer to go off. Although it looks like a clear shot of his butt crack, I assure you those are Korbin’s heels sticking out of his black socks ;) 


They take turns spreading the sauce on our prebaked dough…


…and then all help sprinkle the cheese and pepperonis on top.


We move on to tackle our 2nd pizza and I notice the edges are a little tough. I pick it up only to find – SURE ENOUGH I burned it! We didn’t even make it past the 8 minute prebake before somehow screwing up. I told ya, I’m no cook.


Luckily we had extra dough in the fridge and was able to give the second pizza a second shot. We covered it in toppings and snacked on the extra pepperonis and pizza sauce the entire time both pizzas baked in the oven – another thing my dad taught me!

pizza8 pizza9

Our final product!


Although they were delicious, this is all we ate between the 5 of us. Normally, the quads can finish off an entire pizza by themselves but thanks to Mom’s brilliant idea to snack while they bake, our tummies couldn’t quite handle it!



  1. Super cute! I love the shopping cart picture!!

  2. Making great memories!!! You'll have to do that more often! Love, Sis (AKA Aunt Beth)

  3. Your kids are looking so grown up and cute as ever! I had to comment to say that my husband is also our resident grocery shopper and cook, but I'm the pro at cleaning. :) I think we're both pretty lucky to have awesome husbands who can help with feeding our families!


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