Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September? What September?

Hello, my name is Heather. I have 5 sweet babies including a set of quadruplets and a chunky almost one year old who goes by the name of Blade. Thanks for visiting my neglected blog. Feel free to swat at the spider webs as you enter…

Heather Cox 

OK really though. Not blogging the ENTIRE month of September? That’s a little ridiculous and we all know that. Thanks for those of you who checked in on us via comments and emails. We’re all happy, healthy and doing fine! Life’s been a whirlwind lately and some BIG things have happened over the past month that I hope I can one day blog about...eek!

Brody, Baxlyn, Kylee & Korbin are still enjoying preschool. They’ve adjusted so well and we all enjoy our little break we get from each other each day! Blade and I have a few hours to ourselves each day – we play, laugh, he goes down for a nap and mama catches up on the never ending laundry and housework. I’m not sure how it happened but we’re planning his FIRST birthday party and I am super excited – stay tuned ;) At 11 months Blade is crawling and cruising everywhere, stands for just a second independently, signs “more”, does great with most table foods, has two teeth and is cutting four more! He loves dancing, emptying the sippy cup drawer, playing in the toilet (behind mama’s back, of course, calm down people!), going to Sunday School each Sunday morning and enjoys his LONG Sunday all afternoon naps! Here’s my little man exploring in the grass for the first time. Not too sure of it at first but soon enough he found it acceptable to not only sit in but to eat as well.


He’s also discovered the fun let’s-throw-all-of-the-balls-out-of-the-ball-pit game. This time around rather than 4 babies against one mama, I now have 1 baby against 4 siblings so clean up is no big deal at all!

Photo: Someone learned the lets-throw-all-the-balls-out-of-the-ball-pit game. On the plus side its not four against one this time :)


We attended our 4th NICU reunion a few weeks ago – FOURTH! Such a blessing! Here’s the fab four striking some very interesting poses outside Dr. Leveno’s office. Kylee is getting taller by the day, that girl is alllll legs. I’m convinced Baxlyn will always be a petite little thing. Now days she’s weighing in at about 34lbs while the others are a good 3lbs heavier. Crazy to think their FIFTH birthday is quickly approaching…



Kylee, FAR from over her fear of characters, clung to Daddy most of the time as SpongeBob and Elmo were lurking around each corner. Brody was nervous, but with the help of one of his former NICU nurses, Michelle, he was brave enough to say hi to SpongeBob. One day helping him fight for his life, the next day helping him be brave in the face of a giant yellow sponge – these nurses do it all, people.


Of course I have to post our annual family picture. I swear they know that unlike when Mommy takes 679 pictures to capture ONE shot, we only have ONE chance for a picture at our reunions. They all take advantage and do their best to sabotage that one shot. Thanks B for the smile!


With Kylee glued to Bret’s shoulder while trying to make no eye contact with the walking most terrifying scariest creatures on earth, I was left pushing Blade’s stroller and trying to keep track of the other 3 who kept making a mad dash for the food tables. It was all a little busy so we headed upstairs where we found our beloved Dr. Lucena, one of the quads’ neonatologists. We’re lucky enough to run into him pretty often and each time he INSISTS on heading over to the “big baby” nursery windows so we can get pictures on the steps! I love how Blade gladly flashes a huge grin for the camera as if he knows this is all about him, sweet chunk.


My freak show on wheels, my limo, my once only source of freedom, my Runabout. We SOLD it! We’ve been “trying” to sell it for a year or so now but obviously there are not many people in the market for a quadruplet stroller. The few people who are interested live across the country and shipping is nearly impossible with its size and weight. I loaded it up and took it to our moms of multiples garage sale a couple of weeks ago TOTALLY not expecting it to sell. Low and behold, some new parents of 2 month old triplets (awwwee!) laid eyes on it and I could tell it was mine no longer. After talking with Bret for a couple of hours about it, getting the scoop on the pros and cons, doing test runs on getting it onto the back of their car etc. the sweet couple decided they were taking it home. No lie, I held back tears as she handed me the money and I said good bye to the stroller I swore I would NEVER get caught pushing. We still have our choo choo wagon. We don’t use it for regular outings but still find it handy for our zoo trips. Saying goodbye to the Runabout was the worst, next to selling their infant car seats. So bittersweet!


A little play date after school one day. After 5 minutes of play, a quick group picture, a trek all the way back to the car for a certain someone who needed to potty (yup, we’re still rockin’ the potty seats in the van), another 5 minutes of play, telling another certain someone to pull up his pants that it’s NOT ok to pee in the flowers planted at the park and the quickly rising Texas heat WE WERE DONE!


Super special thanks to my mom. Yesterday was “one of those days” – you moms know what I’m talking about. My mom gladly came out to keep the quads entertained so that Blade and I could make a trip to Wal-Mart (yes…my day was THAT rough, Wal-Mart sounded like a getaway in itself) to do a little therapy shopping. Our result was some fresh fall yard decorations! Speaking of fall…. holy cute 2013 Halloween costumes!!!!!!!! You Facebook peeps were lucky enough to get a sneak peek. Stay tuned as there’s more to come :)

Until November…



Kidding, more to come very soon, I promise ;)


  1. I love reading your blog Heather :)

  2. Well, thanks for the compliment but remember I called you because I needed some time with your babies! Things have been way too busy and of course I was gone for almost 3 weeks so I have missed all my Nana time! Great blog!

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  4. I've been missing your blog, but I totally understand how September has slipped by!!! This blog is precious to me, keep up the good work! Love you all! Sis, (AKA Aunt Beth)


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