Monday, November 3, 2014

Brody’s Recovery {Shunt Malfunction}

So many of you have asked how our Brody is doing since his surgery the week before last. His incision is looking great and he’s almost back to normal! He was scheduled to go back to school on Tuesday but woke up vomiting and it continued all morning and afternoon. Vomiting (especially with no other signs of sickness like fever) is a big red flag after surgery so his docs insisted he be seen in the ER once again. He ended up spending the evening in the ER and having another CT and Xrays done and thankfully, everything looked good. They said it could be his body trying to reject the new foreign object in his brain (which is expected) or a tummy bug. Whatever is was, he hasn’t thrown up since being there and taking several doses of zofran. The poor boy cried and cried in the ER and was so afraid he would have to stay there again overnight. Once discharged he called a handful of people on the way home telling them “My brains all fixed, yall! I didn’t even have to spend the night there or have surgery! Now I’m going to eat some chiladas (enchiladas)!” Bless his little country heart.

He finally got to go back to school last Thursday and although he isn’t 100% back to himself, he’s enjoying being back! He gets tired pretty easily and his appetite has decreased tremendously but little by little he’s getting there each day. He is still under close watch until he is released by his neurosurgeon on December 9th. Until then, still no PE, recess or major physical activity. He’s learned a LOT in the past couple of weeks about his shunt and what is does to help him. We never talked too much about it before, but now all of the quads are very aware he has it and that it can be very serious is something goes wrong with it. Brody has enjoyed receiving cards and get well wishes that are “just for him!” in the mail – thank you all who sent one!

Here’s a pic of our big man last Monday night kissing a horse while watching Kylee’s riding lessons. The next day was “crazy hair day” at school so I shaved his head to look like an old grandpa. Low and behold I did it for nothing as he ended up staying home and heading back to Cook Childrens instead of school. Grr! His head has since been shaved so he looks like a little {bald} boy once again ;)

brody and horse

Thanks again for all of the support!

Lots coming up: Dallas Cowboys, Halloween 2014, more surgery and Blade’s 2nd Birthday!!!

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