Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Quads’ First Dallas Cowboys Game!!

Living on the outskirts of Dallas, we (ahem…Bret) have always been Dallas Cowboys fans. Going to the games used to be fairly doable for us. Throw a set of quadruplets, a baby Blade, and a new multi-billion dollar stadium into the mix and all of a sudden going to a Cowboys game is next to impossible for us. Our awesome pediatrician, Dr. Reyes, is the proud owner of season tickets and wanted to send not only Bret and I to a game, but the quads too! Bret and I were blown away when Dr. Reyes so graciously told us he’d like to send us to the Dallas Vs. Houston game and thankful doesn’t even begin to cover how we feel. There is no way our kiddos would have got to experience such a thing if it were not for him! L-R Kylee, Baxlyn, Brody & Korbin before entering AT&T stadium…


THIS was our parking spot, y’all. We passed hundreds on people walking to the stadium from over a mile away. Dr. Reyes’ family has their very own parking spot right smack dab next to the building…how cool is that?!

IMG_8981    Our seats were located in a beautiful, private suite. Here is our crew getting their special bracelets! They were the only kids in the area which made them pretty special. The staff loved talking to them and learning all about their quad-status!


Not 10 seconds after getting their bands on, the nice ladies pointed the quads straight to the candy bar. They were in awe and were excited to pick and choose whatever they pleased!


Their first view of the field…

quads cb game1

This look right here sums up their reaction while they took it all in…



Again, wide eyed and mesmerized at the jumbo screen!

quads cb game3







Bret and I





The nice couple next to us finally got the nerve to ask if they were all ours. We answered all the normal questions and they offered to take a picture for us…somehow we are ALL looking at the camera and all smiling. Brody is up for conversation with anyone who is willing to talk and it wasn’t five minutes later he was down chatting it up with the man sitting next to us!

cowboys game family

Our suite included all the food and drinks you wanted which was great for the kids. Because it was private, there were not crowds of people which made it manageable for me to take the kids out by myself to explore. Here they are after visiting the cookie bar.


Clearly, they were having a horrrible time ;)


Chattin’ it up with the bartender…


…and patiently waiting in line for ice cream!


Brody ordering up some ribs for lunch…







Visiting with the nice lady behind the auction tables…

IMG_9071        IMG_9097

After celebrating victory over the Houston Texans (20 – 17) we were fortunate enough to be able to go down onto the field. CRAZY!

IMG_9114  They ran and ran and ran….and rannn!

IMG_9123LOVE this shot of them on the NFL logo! 

quads cb game 6 Baxlyn & Korbin

quads cb game 5

Brody – ToUcHdOwN!!!!

IMG_9124 IMG_9132  IMG_9142IMG_9137 IMG_9144   IMG_9134IMG_9151 FAM N

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU Dr. Reyes for allowing us such an incredible experience that we will never forget!!!!


  1. Yes, thank you to Dr. Reyes and family for this blessing! Awesome experience!

  2. It was an amazing experience!!!! Loved seeing all the photos!!!!

  3. GREAT pictures!!! Wonderful memories you made, and the pictures to remember it with. Thank you again Dr. Reyes!

  4. What a fun time for all of you and how thoughtful of Dr. Reyes!

  5. That Dr. Reyes didn't know what he was doing!

  6. Wow! He's just as lucky to have your sweet family as patients as you are to have him as a doctor! Great pictures Cox Family XOXO


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