Monday, March 9, 2009

3 Weeks Old!

The babies are all doing OK. Kylee and Korbin do have a type of staff infection, but are being treated with antibiotics and are feeling better each day. She and Korbin are both back and doing well on their nasal cannula YAY! As of last night, Baxlyn weighed 3lbs, Brody 3lbs 5oz, Kylee 2lbs 14oz, and Korbin 3lbs 3oz! Everyone (as of this moment) is handling their feeds well, not too many residuals and not too much spitting up from little miss Baxlyn. Brody had his first spinal tap Friday night around midnight. He handled it well and they did get 2ccs of fluid out, which was good, but didn't make a significant difference in the total amount in his brain. They will continue to watch and do neurosonograms and proceed with more spinal taps if needed until he gains a little more weight... if the bleeding/swelling continues he may be transfered to Children's hospital to undergo surgery. Other than that he is doing well and is looking better than ever! I'd have to say he has the coolest hair in the NICU... OK no, I haven't checked out all of the other babies and their hair, but the nurses just can't get over how incredibly blonde it is and the fact that he has a little cowlick swirly thing going on right in front!

Dad giving Brody a bath for the first time!

Love this one of Baxlyn, holding her baby's hand and her passy at the same time... oh so sweet!

Our non-swollen Brody!

Baxlyn stretchin' away.

Just a few days before the babies were born, Bret's work had a baby shower for us that he attended. I know I'm a few weeks late, but I wanted to say THANK YOU so much to all of those who prepared it and those who attended. We both appreciate everyone's generosity and the many cards and words of encouragement. As soon as were safe, stable and able we will bring our babies by so you can see!
One of my favorite cards...

Bret's "Dad" apron and accessories for changing diapers!

One of the cutest diaper cakes ever!

Their first "real" shoes from friends Josh and Kim!

Their first personalized onsies, also from Josh and Kim!

(front and back)

(Kylee and Korbin pics coming soon!)


  1. Love the pics! So cute!! Those babies are beautiful! Praying!

  2. They are such precious and beautiful babies. We are praying for all of you. -Amy-Jo

  3. Just precious....what wonderful gifts from Heaven!

  4. Those babies are just beautiful! So happy they are doing so well.. Positive prayers are working! I think of you and the little miracles often.... Hugs and kisses to all 6 of you! Give their little fingers and toes a little tug for me. ;)

  5. Awesome update! Those are some BEAUTIFUL babies....I love Brody's little golden crest too!

    Looks like you were blessed with a great shower from great friends...can't wait to see the quaddies in their new kicks when they get a little bigger.

    Prayers and love from KS,

  6. Great pictures! The babies are so beautiful, and Brody is bound to have the greatest hair in the NICU! We are still praying away for you all!

  7. Loved all the pics, especially the daddy apron and their little onesies! :)


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