Monday, March 16, 2009

Rub a Dub Dub, Korbin in the Tub!

Korbin had his first "real" swaddled bath! He has no IVs so he can be under water. His nurse kept him tightly swaddled because most babies freak out their first time in the water... not Korbin, he loved it and cried when we took him out!

Brody is doing good and handling his feeds well, however his brain is still swelling. He has had a total of 3 lumbar punctures/spinal taps which have not been very successful. In an LP, a needle is put into the spinal canal in the lower back and fluid is withdrawn. Two of the three times they got about 2 ccs of fluid to drain, which wasn't enough to relieve the pressure on his brain. He will be transported any day now, no later than Sunday, to have his brain surgery. We're not sure yet whether the surgeon will do a temporary reservoir or a permanent shunt. The temporary shunt connects the fluid from the ventricles to the space under the scalp where it will drain and absorb. The permanent shunt would drain down into his abdomen. He will most likely be transferred the day before surgery and hopefully come back to Plano Medical the day after, assuming everything goes well. We will keep you updated on his condition and the plans as far as surgery. Please keep him (and the rest of us) in your thoughts and prayers.
Bret and Brody

Little Miss Kylee is doing well and is as cute as can be! Unfortunately the doctor found that she has a level one brain bleed in her other ventricle. It is extremely rare to find a new bleed after 7-10 days of life... rare... that's us :/ I immediately expressed my concerns to the doctor on how I thought Baxlyn and Korbin (the two without any bleeds on their first scan) should be tested again just in case this "rare" thing happened to them too. Dr. Lucena ordered it immediately (thank you :) ) and thank goodness the scans came back normal. Kylee will have another scan this week to follow up. On a brighter note, she has been off her nasal cannula for over 24 hours now, no breathing assistance what so ever! She still bradys every so often, but no more than she was with her cannula.
Go Kylee!

Kylee getting weighed on the BIG scale (before she got off her cannula)

My Sweet Baxlyn.... oh where do I begin?! I love this picture below of her snuggling with her little pillow. She is doing good as usual... causing a little bit of trouble (brady here brady there), solely for attention we believe! She's not spitting up near as much as she was and is now taking 18ccs of milk over 2 hours every 3 hours.

Korbin, like Kylee is off his nasal cannula and doing well! He's the only baby so far whose cheeks are not getting chubbier by the day!

Mr. Chill himself

His first socks his Aunt Banan and Uncle Mace got him. I thought I needed to hurry and get him in them before he "grew out" of them. As you can see by his left ankle, he's got some room to grow :)

Their Current Weights:
Brody 3lbs 11oz
Baxlyn 3lbs 4oz
Kylee 2lbs 15oz (she's almost there!)
Korbin 3lbs 4oz

Mommy Daddy Kylee & Brody

My first time to hold them all (in my arms at least)! We will get a pic of Bret with them all soon... the thought of it and watching me balance them all scared him half to death... ha!

L-R Baxlyn Kylee Brody & Korbin


  1. Oh how you make my heart swell! It causes my eyes to overflow! I love you all sooo much! Love Grandma Bethel

  2. They are all so beautiful! Love the pictures!Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  3. I want a picture of all their little feetsies lined up in those booties :] I love how u "censored" Korb!! haha.

    aunt banan
    & crazy uncle mace

  4. Precious!! So happy things are going well and keep us posted on the surgery!! You look like a pro in that picture holding them!!

  5. You will not be able to hold alll four of them in your arms for long. They grow so fast!! Love you, Bret and all the Little ones!

  6. The picture are beautiful! I remember how amazing it was to finally hold all four at once! I'll be keeping all of you in my prayers. Please let me know if threr is anything I can do!

  7. They are so very beautiful! I continue to pray for all of them, and especially little Brody.

  8. Continued prayers to you and your sweet blessings.

  9. Your gorgeous babies are getting so big! I love the picture of you with the 4 of them! I am sending you all my prayers. Thank you for updating us, how you have the time to do anything is beyond me... you must be so busy with your four little miracles! Take care of yourself and all your family.

  10. Heather & Bret, we love the new photos! The babies are gorgeous, but of course you know that : ) We will continue to hold you guys in many prayers especially little Brody.

  11. Thanks for taking time to update this and add pictures! I enjoy them so much. Continued prayers are with you!

    Deanna in KC

  12. How neat that you got to hold all four of them at once. :) I'm still catching up on your blog if you hadn't noticed. LOL


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