Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Few Pics!

Thought we would share a few pics!

Korbin checking out Dad's (too long) beard!

A close up of Kylee.

Kylee and her BIG yawn!

Baxlyn striking a pose!

"Next best thing to being in Mom's tummy... chillin' in the NICU getting my hair washed by a cute nurse...." -Korbin

All done and ready to go... back to bed that is.

Look out girls, he's a slick one with his mohawk ;)

They each have their own little personalized tub to warm their milk... love it!

Hope you enjoyed!
Bret & Heather


  1. Such adorable pictures, I am so in love with these babies!!

  2. i cant wait to snuggle with each of them! They are so beautiful!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the pics! They are too precious! I love the (too long) comment!! Maybe he'll listen to your subtle hints via the blog!! Praying!!

  4. Thank you for sharing the pics I cannot believe how each time you show pictures they have already grown by leaps and bounds. Positive prayers and thoughts for all of you!! Healthy babies gorgeous and healthy!

  5. Handsome and beautiful boys and girls! Great photos, Bret & Heather! Keep 'em coming ! : ) Still praying for the Cox quads & quadmother & quadfather!

  6. Brody is going to need a haircut...he's got quite a head of hair! Baxlyn looks like one of the football poses!

    They are sure cuties and looking great!

    Deanna in KC

  7. I don't know you personally, but I just wanted to say that I am praying for your beautiful little ones. They are such a gift from God! Thank you for sharing the loves of your life with us! I learned about you and your family through the store. From what I see and hear, I believe your faith in God is strong and true. He will carry you through and soon your little ones will be running around your living room like wild animals!! ;) Blessings and healing to your babies ... Tammy

  8. Learned about you through the Garrett quads and just feel a special place in my heart for you and your beautiful babies. Have prayed for you daily and check your blog so many times so anxiously waiting for the next update. The power of prayer is a mighy thing.

  9. These are all such cute pics! I love Baxlyn's pose. HAHA. And Korbin's mohawk! ;)


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