Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Cranial Tech Visit

Whew it was a long busy day in quadville today! Bret and I went to Dallas to Cranial Technologies for the quads consultation for their cranial bands. Upon arriving they put us in a nice over sized room where we could fit the six of us, a therapist or two, and two mega sized strollers. It was soo nice, were used to having to squeeze into those little closet sized examination rooms when we go to most doctors offices. Good thing too, we were there for more than 3 hours :/

Anyways we set the babies on the table surrounded by toys and things to keep them occupied and undressed each so they could be photographed, measured, and examined. Baxlyn was the only one not being examined because her little head is beautifully rounded (so we thought anyways).

My Cheeser: "Ha Ha guys... I don't have to wear one!"

Brody: "You kidding me, I'm Brody I can take anything, bring it on!"

Kylee: "You want to put a what on my (now bald) head?"

Korbin: "....whatever... just don't take my monkey..."

One by one they were taken into another room to have yet another photo shoot. The therapists got pictures from every angle to look at each head. They all have moderate to severe positional plagiocephaly which is is a malformation of the head marked by an oblique slant to the main axis of the skull. Torticollis, hydrocephalus (Brody), confined inter uterine environment (them being extremely crammed inside of me), and medically dictated positioning requirements in the NICU are a few possible reasons why the babies have plagiocephaly.

We discussed with the therapist our concerns with Brody and him having both the shunt and a helmet. She assured us they do put helmets on babies with shunts often and have never had a problem. She said the doctor will look at his case very carefully and consider his situation and if a band can be made without compromising his shunt. Bret and I have decided to proceed with much caution and let Brody have the helmet assuming the doctor gives the OK. So, what happens if they can't? Not sure. Back in the day they used to do actual surgery on the skull to correct it but it is extremely invasive and it is rarely done now. Below is a pic somewhat showing the flatness of Brody's head. He favors the right side of the his head therefore it is flat and his growing brain is pushing outward wherever it can, towards the top right and back left of his head where there s no pressure.

We realized after today's visit the torticollis and plagiocephaly was a bigger deal than we thought... more than a cosmetic flaw. In the pics they took you can see a significant amount of cranial vault asymmetry & facial asymmetry as well. The torticollis (if not treated by therapy and intensive stretching) will continue to pull at the muscles, tendons, and bones causing more severe asymmetry and can affect their inner ears, eyes, airways, even down to their shoulders and spine.

The trio hanging out while Brody was gone to the camera room.

Had to add this pic of Kylee showing of her fantastic tummy time (HEAD LIFTING!) skills!
SOO proud of her!

As far as Miss Baxlyn, she didn't luck out with not getting a helmet after all. We had her examined to be sure and she fell just past the moderate line for plagiocephaly. Not near as major as the others, but it's definitely there. They said there's a small chance it would correct itself, but we feel we might as well take care of it just in case and while her skull is still moldable.
Sorry Baby B!

We don't know exactly when the babies will get the helmets or how long they will have to wear them. We assume they will get them asap and will wear them for several months. We should be getting a phone call within the next day or so to discuss the costs of these helmets. We know they are several thousand dollars (PER BABY) and are PRAYING our insurance covers most if not all of it. Weather they do or not fact is our babies need them and that's not easy money to come up with. Our insurance has been awesome from my pregnancy all the way to the NICU so I'm hoping they continue :)
I finally got the babies home about 1:30 and had just enough time to unload, change, and feed them in time for therapy at 2pm. Whew! Like I said long day... so I am off to a good night's sleep... I hope anyways!


  1. Hi! Love your blog. Our youngest son had this condition and also wore a helmet. We decorated it and put his name on it! His head is beautiful now. I will say though that if they slip around be sure and keep on the techs so it fits correctly or it won't work! Your babies are beautiful! :-)

  2. Glad you were able to get them all checked out and figured out what was going on with their sculls. Brody's poor little head! I hope the helmet helps him tremendously! I never realized the torticollis could affect them so much, but the stretching they had me doing was like torture for Brynleigh. I hope they don't have you doing stretching for him! Is that what the therapy was for? Seriously though, the chiropractor did wonders for Bryn's torticollis.

  3. Quads do rule! ha ha Sounds like a busy and long day. Hope you got a good night's sleep to recover!

  4. cant wait to see them in cute lil/big helmets!!:] we still pray for their sweet little bodies, God will take care of them.

  5. Wow!!! I LOVE the "QUADS RULE" onesies. Where did you buy them? Also, where do you get the girl's bows?

  6. Your quads are adorable !!! With my experince-stick with Cranial Tech- no one else out there knows what they are doing in that area! You will see- the people at CT really know what they are doing. The other bands are WAY TO BIG and HEAVY-our baby hated it. We had to go back to Cranial T and get a DOCband- and he loved it but then it cost us even more because we had to pay for 2 ! : ( Stay with CT is our advice !!

  7. Hi, I found your blog via blogher. First off, you are amazing, can I just say that! What a great job you are doing with 4 babies.

    Secondly, we have been working through this issue with our twins. We have decided to not do the helmet, physical therapy is working well for us, however I totally understand that in some cases it is necessary. I know the whole deal can be a bit stressful when you are going through it but just think, in 7 months this will all be behind you and your babies will have nice round heads!!!

    All the best...

  8. i have quads they are 2 mouths old ans still in hospital doing well 2 girls 2 boys were did you get your pram from???


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