Sunday, July 19, 2009

Coming to you live from Baby Land!

"Hey Guys! Korbin here. We babies thought we would write our own post this time. Guess what I did last Sunday for the first time... I ROLLED OVER! Yep I about knocked mom off her feet when she went to lay Baxlyn next to me and BAM! there I went, from my stomach to my back. Yeah I'm big. Remember when I went to the ER and was admitted a month or so ago because I got a lil choked on my meds and turned blue... well mom and dad have come really close to calling 911 again several times since then so mom took me to a GI doctor this week. She was a lil upset because he kinda blew it off and said it wasn't 'dangerous, just scary' when I turn blue and stop breathing for minutes at a time. So she is going to take me somewhere else. Other than that I am doing fantastic! I eat well and sleep all night thanks to this thing on the side of my hand I can suck on when I wake up. My reflux has gotten a little worse which is normal for us preemies to go through. Just a few more bibs and outfits a day, no biggie!"

"Here's me and all my cuteness"
"Hello friends, Baxlyn here! You think Korbin is great for rolling over... well Friday I DID IT TOO! I'm doing great and am still mommy's tiny cheeser baby. Mom says I'm so cute she doesn't know what she's gonna do with me sometimes! Unlike Korbin, my reflux has gotten a little bit better. I haven't had to have my crib sheets changed in days! They put me to bed around 7:30 and I lay there sometimes for hours just looking around until I finally fall asleep. Every once in a while I will puke up my last bottle of the day therefore I need another 2 ounces or so during the night to hold me over, other than that I do great during the night!"
"Here's my cheeser face"

"Mom & Dad spend their money on these cool toy things, but nothing beats the thing on the ceiling that goes round and round... it's the coolest!"

"Hey Hey, Kylee taking over now! I'm going more and more bald by the day around here and it's making it hard for some people to tell sis and I apart. What hair I do have left is turning blonde, mommy likes that! I'm not rolling over like Korbin and Baxlyn but I still rock at tummy time. I'm really good at holding my head up high and looking at toys. My favorite thing is the TV. Mom doesn't let us watched it much, it is rarely on but I am sure every morning to stretch my neck off to look at it just to check. I too, like that thing on the ceiling even though it doesn't always move. I am getting more and more smiley everyday. Watch out when I learn to kiss, they will be BIG kisses and I'll be the one to slobber you up like a big puppy!"

"Me and my beautiful baldness"

"Here's Baxlyn and I having a good time with one of our favorite toys from the Gerwer Quads!"

"Yo Yo, Big Bro-Man here! I'm so big it's not even funny. Mom and dad have even started the discussion of new car seats because of me. I won't need a new one for a while, but it won't be too long. Unlike the others I am now wearing a size 2 diaper! My cheeks are pure lip magnets now days and my hair is thinning like an old man's. I'm not rolling over yet either and although I'm tolerating tummy time better it's still hard holding my head up, but I will get there! I have a special way of melting moms heart. I watch her walk around cleaning and taking care of the other babies and I will catch her eye and give her a little innocent smile... it makes her day. Sometimes, she thinks I have a heart of gold... but I let her know at other times that I don't :) Last night I bounced my little gut around while giggling for the first time, it was great mom almost cried! Every time mom did this little fake sneeze thing it scared the daylights out of me and I thought it was pretty funny."

"Sweet Me"

"Mom & Dad have been doing good. Mom is still sane and can still somehow stay on top of things as far as laundry and stuff goes. Dad is busy with work and getting his real estate license, he is determined to get us out of our little house and give us each our own room one day. They are still busy trying to get the cranial helmets for us we have another appointment at a different place this week... pray about that please! We are all, except Brody, still in size one diapers and are starting to wear some of our 3-6month clothes! One of our favorite times of the day is when Daddy comes home. After he changes clothes and washes up he sits and talks to us on the couch or in our bouncy chairs. We laugh, dad gets to practice his high pitched squeaky voice he swore he would never use and mom gets a much needed little break."

"This one is from yesterday, it's the very first picture of us all smiling at the same time!"

"Well it's almost feeding time here in baby land we better go. Hope you enjoyed!"
-Brody Baxlyn Kylee & Korbin


  1. Our trio loves the ceiling fans as well! It's like a giant mobile. They also look up at the tv wondering if it's going to turn on if they stare at it long enough.

  2. loved all the pics, especially the one they are all smiling. how precious!

  3. Hey Heather, I have a friend that has a little daughter that had really bad reflux, Her husband is our medical director at work. They tried a million different GI doctors until they finally found one they liked. If you don't mind I will email her tonight and get the name of the doctor for you. I believe he is at Childrens Dallas.

  4. Yes Heather, like I told you on the phone, you should be a writer of children's books , you have an amazing way of illustrating with words the thoughts that you have throughout the day. And yes you and Bret are both amazing as you take care of your babies. They will be so pleased someday when they have all of this to look back on. LOVE, mOM

  5. What a cute entry! I used to write my daughter's blog in her point of was always fun to do. ;) Until I had two and then I didn't know how to incorporate it. LOL Love the pic at the end of all 4 smiling together, so cute!!!

  6. Heather,
    The name of the real good GI doctor is Jack An. He is a medical city and my friend thinks he has an office in Plano. If you can't locate him let me know and i will get all his contact information. Hope this helps.


  7. Oh my. They are getting so big. I love how you wrote it like they are talking. Too cute. I did our Christmas letter last year like that.

    So great to hear that they are doing well. Sorry to hear about Korbin's reflux. We had reflux issues with our second. Hopefully his meds just need to be increased due to weight changes. We had to do that several times until she started eating solids better and sitting up more. Hoping you get a great dr to make him feel better.

  8. They might start spitting up more just because they become more active. All that rolling around and stomach muscles tightening up when they laugh might be part of it.

    They are adorable!

    Deanna in KC


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