Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sept 2nd 2008

One year ago today, I finally heard the words I had been dying to hear...

"Guess what Heather?!!!?! You are pregnant... you are definitely pregnant!!!"

Ha... litte I knew just how pregnant I was. I remember it like it was yesterday. I (ironically) was exhausted and was taking an afternoon nap when I got what I thought was going to be another routine call from Dr. Joyner. When she told me I told her "No... no no no I'm dreaming.... I'm having a dream...". I sat on the edge of the bed and listened as she convinced me that I really was pregnant. After hanging up I continued to cry tears of happiness and thanked my Jesus over and over again. That day was one of the happiest and I will never forget it. To read a little more about this day last year click here!

Now, back to my regular scheduled blogging. Once the babies reached 6 months we decided to start baby food. So far they have had peas, green beans, squash, bananas, & prunes. I was thinking the babies might go through a container between the four of them each feeding, for a week or two anyways until they got used to it. Boy was I wrong, by day 3 they were chowing down 2-3 containers between them all. My best eater from the first try Miss Kylee Mae, man she's a little green bean eatin' machine! Currently they are all eating in their bumbo seats but we hope we can move them into the quad table we got this weekend.... super excited about it and hoping it will make feedings a little easier!

You will notice in these pics, the babies are beyond messy. I don't have time to re-feed the same bite 32 times to each one until the keep it in. I simply shovel it in and quickly move on to the next. Every few rounds, I just take the spoon and scrape everything from the belly button up back into their mouths... nice.

Here's a few from our messiest feeding so far, prunes. (Man I just spoil you with pics!)

"Uh Korb, you got a spoon in your neck..."

Ok, now for thei helmets. GREAT NEWS! The boys have been approved by insurance! YAY! The girls both qualified for Mediciad (which will also cover the bands) due to low birth weight BUT, their records show that Baxlyn is still in the NICU. No clue why and apparantly it is going to take an army to change her address in the computer. Ugh don't get me started. We went yesterday and the three (all but Baxlyn) were fitted and photographed for their helmets that they will recieve next week. To capture the images, they have to put this sheer nylon type robbers mask over their little heads. Poor babies, this FREAKED them out to say the very least. Before they got this DSI imaging machine babies had to have their head completely covered in plaster to get a mold, so glad we didn't have to go through that.

Here's Brody, poor kid has no idea what they're about to do to him.

After covering their heads, 4 people attempted to hold each baby in the right position for the cameras to get just the right shot. Not an easy task when they're screaming at the top of their lungs and throwing their head back and forth and side to side trying to break free.

Korbin was the only one to not freak out on us and didn't cry a bit. The whole time he had his little mask on he just had this look of wonder on his face.
Bret, without me knowing, brought 2 of those little mask things home so we could "practice" with Baxlyn before she gets fitted. I don't know if we will make her "practice" but we did for fun! Just for you babies because we love you!

Until next time!

(PS I wrote this blog the night of Sept 1st to post the morning of the 2nd which is why it is dated a day early!)


  1. i follow your blog closely and i just wanted to let you know that you are doing a GREAT job! thanks so much for keeping up with the posts so we can see your sweet babies growing. and growing they are! i can't believe how big and healthy they look. and i love to see that you are keeping your sense of humor. the pic of you guys as pseudo-robbers is great. :)

  2. What awesome news that is about the helmets. I sure hope that they get little Ms. Baxlyn's address figured out so she can be on her way to a round noggin. I love the robbers pictures. Too cute but I kind of feel sorry for the babies!

  3. LMAO Great pic of you and Bret at the end. I laughed all through this entry! Loved the prune pics especially with the spoon in Korbin's neck! HAHA. I'm so glad they're able to get their helmets finally! Hope you get the mess w/ the insurance straightened out though...that is such a nightmare!

  4. HAHAHA! The pics of them eating are priceless!!!

  5. omg the peas photos are GREAT!!!!


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