Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hello Helmets Goodbye Plagiocephaly!

We a had a busy Labor day weekend here in baby land. Sunday we took the babies to church and had a cookout at my sister's house which was fun! Monday we had some of our friends over for another cookout and spent hours playing the Wii, which I don't get to do often enough! A few more exciting things... we got our hands on a quad step2 choo choo wagon for next summer, the babies ate carrots and loved them and last but not least... Korbin rolled over back to stomach on Saturday! Busy weekend for busy babies! Today (totally sore from throwing out my right arm in Wii sports) we went and finally got the babies in their helmets... well all but Baxlyn that is. We're hoping her address will be changed quickly so we can get her on board with the others.

Baxlyn enjoying her time watching the others get messed with.

Two of my girlfriends went with me today as extra hands, thanks Ashley & Anna! It's always funny to see how people react depending on who is with me. When it's just me and Bret "Oh my gosh, QUADRUPLETS!!??!!" today with it being 3 girls we heard "Wow lots of twins today!" (there was a set of twins in the waiting room too). When we got to our room they brought the babies helmets in and we tried them on for size. I am amazed at how lightweight and flexible they are, in pictures the look like rounded heavy clay pots stuck on their heads - very uncomfortable. Of all babies Korbin was the only one to throw a FIT! Kylee and Brody didn't seem to mind and had fun flirting with the staff. After 10 minutes or so of leaving the helmets on they would come in and take them off to look for red marks (sings of tightness and irritation) and go file down where needed until they got the perfect fit for each baby. I am especially happy with Brody's helmet, it has plenty of room around his shunt causing no pressure. We have an appointment scheduled in a few weeks to have the helmets "professionally" wrapped so for now they will be plain super boring and solid white. I have some cute ideas on how to decorate them, but if you have any feel free to share ;)

We still don't know how long the babies will have to wear their DOC bands, we have been told approximately minimum of 6 weeks and it could be months and multiple helmets for Brody.
I just try to remember it will be totally worth it!
My little ticked off trio of troopers...
We got our quad table a couple of weeks ago from the Gerwer's at a great price, THANK YOU! Every once in a while I get those "holy crap I have four babies" moments and this was one of them, seeing them in this table was surreal. They all do pretty well in it... an occasional meltdown or two out of Miss B but over all great!

Gotta love the 8 little feet and one random hand!

Love this one of Korbin doing his best to finish off the squash bowl!

I think that about covers it for now! Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Precious as always! They look so grown up sitting at the table! Great post Heather!

  2. They are so cute! When our son wore a cranial band I used little blue sparkly beads for his name and used cute boy stickers to decorate it. I am sure your ideas are much better! Have a great week! :-)

  3. This one is for the babies to read in about 15 years. We have really enjoyed this particular blog, partly because it seems so sad for you to have to wear the helmets even though we know it is for the best, and then partly because just this evening before we knew what your mom would come up with, we were discussing how we thought Baxlyn would wonder what in the world you 3 did to have to have these put on your heads and then her picture said it all!! Yes we were laughing but that is because you are all so darn cute and we love you sooooo much. Love Grandma Reynolds

  4. I had soo much fun going with you guys to the doctor!!! They are all precious miracles from God and I count it as a major blessing to get the chance to help with them and watch them grow and change!! They were champs today and I would go again in a heartbeat!!! Love yall!!!

  5. For some reason I thought that the helmets were going to be a full head helmet. Those don't look too bad but then again, I am not wearing them. Poor Baxlyn, she has no idea what is coming and I am sure her brothers and sisters will be laughing at her soon enough when she gets hers.

    So glad you got a quad table. That thing is awesome and I LOVE the pic of the little legs. Too cute seeing 8 chubby little legs under the table.

    So glad they finally got the helmets. It will be worth it in the end.

  6. Soo cute! The quad table is a HUGE dose of reality! Every time I pick up Hannah Noelle from preschool I look in the one year old room and see the same table and go, oh, crap, I have that at my house!!!! They will look super fly in their helmets and I know you are going to have them decorated up just precious!! Love ya chica!

  7. I am glad to read this post...my Addison might have to get a cranial band (we'll see next month), and reading your experience helped ease my fears a little! Cute, cute babies!

  8. Hi,
    I found you by googling "ideas for decorating plagio helmet"...What did you end up doing with their helmets? My son gets his soon and I'm looking for good ideas!
    Katie from MA

  9. Hey Katie! We did get them decorated this week and they tunred out super cute! I have not posted pics because I want to wait until BAxlyn gets hers (Tuesday). I went back and forth on lots of ideas and ended up doing this cool metal looking camo in their colors (blue for brody, pink/kylee...). It's an all over print with their name on the front and "Baby Boy A" "Baby Girl B"... on the back. There is a place in Dallas called 360 wraps who do them for FREE! They did an awesome job, but I know that's their only location. You can check out their website 360wraps.com for more ideas. Had I not found them I probably would have just done a lot of stickers from local scrapbooking stores having to do with each babies personality. Hope that helped!

    -Heather Cox

  10. Playing catch up! They're all so chunky! :) They're super cute in their table! Glad to see them in their helmets!

  11. My daughter created a site recently with lots of accessories for decorating helmets. Very cute ideas!--Hats, Bodysuits, Bows, Flowers, Stickers. Your little ones may already be out of their helmets by now, but if you know of others to share this with, we are really trying to spread the word of her new business. Check out www.StylinBabyHelmets.com . She is also on Facebook at Plagiocephaly Stylin Baby Helmets

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