Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kylee... My Sweetheart

Yes I know its been a whole week with no updates, I apologize we have been busy! This weekend I escaped with the ladies from church for a road trip to Waco to see Anne Graham Lotz speak at Baylor, it was an awesome conference and I'm so glad I got the chance to go. Bret stayed home with the babies and had some help from neighbors and friends. The past week or so has been tough on all but Baxlyn trying to adjust to the helmets... ugh. People had always talked about sending the babies home from the NICU one or two at a time so we could "ease" into this new adventure of parenthood.... FORGET THAT... We should have had these helmets on one at a time. The past couple of nights have been better but the first 5 days or so they just wanted to be held and didn't sleep well at night. Oh and they STINK. We clean them daily with alcohol (the helmets that is!) but it doesn't help much, and on the days we have 152 degree weather the babies sweat like crazy in them fun fun!
Today my mom and I loaded the gang up and headed to Kylee's cardiologist. Looking back through the blog I realized I failed to mention that Kylee was diagnosed with a VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect). During the time we found out about the defect we also had the more serious things going on (brain bleeds, lung issues...) that took our attention and focus off of the VSD because it was not as serious or anything we needed to worry about. Basically a VSD is a hole in the heart, this website has a short video clip showing exactly what it is and how it affects the heart. It sounds very serious and can be, however Kylee's doctors have reassured us that hers is very small and will most likely close without any surgery. For now we will continue to watch it and hope that it closes within the next couple of years.
Kylee wrapped in her spaghetti once again...
She weighed in today at a whopping 15lbs 8oz!!! We will be going to their developmental pedi tomorrow, I'm anxious to hear what the other are weighing. All I know is lugging them around is getting to be an even bigger workout.
Kylee being a BIG girl in the BIG chair and loving every minute of the attention being on her!
The gang hangin' out in Dr. Leveno's flirting with the ladies last week!

Short post, I know! Give me another day or two :]


  1. You can also try soft soap and water before you use the alcohol to help with the smell. Just make sure to dry the inside as much as you can before you get to the alcohol part. Toward the end of our 6 month helmet "fun" (with only one, so I can't even begin to imagine 3 and 4!), we were just using clorox bleach wipes and then the soft soap to clean the helmet out!

    They do get better with wearing the helmets, but the stink remains.

  2. So glad Kylee's VSD is small and will likely resolve itself without surgery!

  3. They are getting so big. I can't believe that she is almost 16 lbs!

    It is great to hear that her VSD most likely will close on its own. That is awesome news.

    So sorry about the stinky heads. Maybe try some baby powder in there. I don't know. Hopefully they won't be in them too long.....You and Bret might need some clothes pins for your nose. :)

  4. For DOC bands like you have you are not supposed to use any water, powder or soap on them. There are some helmet brands that allow water and soap but not the doc band.

    My son had one and what worked for us was to use a toothbrush to scrub the alcohol in with, make sure it was the 90 something percent alcohol, use a good smelling shampoo and put them in the sun to dry after cleaning when possible.

  5. Yes we were told not to use the soap and water. We have been using 70... 71%? alcohol... but they still stink. But its ok, totally worth it!


  6. I follow your blog, but normally do not comment....I know, so annoying right!

    I had to laugh at one of your first comments, "I know I have not posted in awhile, but it's been busy"....ummmmm reminder you have four babies all at once. That is an understatement.

    Have a great week!

  7. Sorry the helmets stink...I can only imagined they'd be kind of like a cast smells after a while. Yucky!! I hope the VSD closes on it's own! I'll keep her in my prayers.


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