Thursday, May 13, 2010

15 Month Check Ups

I seriously can't believe they're 15months already... time for another one?! (kidding kidding... well kinda) Dr. Reyes is pleased with how they are all doing and is allowing them extra time to play catch up due to their prematurity. Like we saw with the girls last week at Dr. Roberts, they are all still working on some of their 12month milestones which is where they should be for their adjusted age.
Below: Baxlyn standing, Kylee waving her shoe, Korbin finding Waldo and the Broman!

This was the first appointment where Bret and I couldn't keep the babies either all on the table or sitting on a blanket on the floor. I tried but just couldn't do it so yes... they were ALL over that floor - EEWWW! All I kept thinking was germs, germs, oh my gosh eww germs! Gotta help build that immunity right?!?
Notice my perfectly laid out blanket on the floor. Where does Brody decide to stand? Right smack dab next to it... ugh.

Brody, Baxlyn & Korbin. (Again ignoring my blanket efforts)
Kylee and Daddy reading a book :]
Brody keepin' a close eye on the mean nurse after his shots, poor dude!

As for the stats:
Brody 22lbs 5oz 29inches
Baxlyn 19lbs 9oz 29inches
Kylee 20lbs 15oz 30inches
Korbin 22lbs (Look out Brody!) 30 1/4inches

Next week - DUN DUN DUN.... the DENTIST! Now that should be interesting!


  1. I feel you with not wanting them on the floor. My twins had their 15 month appointment this week and it was also the first time we gave up and let them crawl around...YUCK! Good stats mama!

  2. Other than Baxlyn, they are all bigger than my 2 year old! I think they are doing great!

    When does Brody get his cranial helmet off?

  3. They look great Heather! So adorable. I'm taking mine for our 15 month next week!

  4. Heather- We're not sure yet, but Brody may be in his last helmet. His head is still a little mishaped (better, but still noticeable) and his ears not aligned, but at this age, their heads stop molding easily. He actually went today for a check up and he had good growth over the past two weeks. He probably still has another two months in this helmet and wheather he gets a 4th one is still up in the air! Thanks for asking :]

  5. I don't sweat anything in the doctors office. Right after I tuck the kids back into the car (especially when they were this age) I would reach either for a baby wipe to clean them or the hand sanitizer.
    Good luck they seem to be doing great right now.

  6. They're lookin' goooood!!!
    Agree with Rain-the second we step out of a germ factory I use the antibacterial wipes on 'em. Been working pretty good so far. If you have a thumb sucker, it's best to have them ready quick.

  7. Thanks guys, I do wipe their hands down. Luckily I have no thumb/finger suckers to worry about - yuck!

  8. So stinking cute! He was watching that nurse like, come near me again if you dare! They're so precious Heather!


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