Friday, May 7, 2010

Developmental Check Up - Girls!

Bret and I took the girls to the developmental pediatrician Friday morning while the boys spent the morning with Grandma and Aunt Beth. The girls did great the entire appointment and were as happy as could be. Little Miss Baxlyn scored above her adjusted age in all areas with the exception of Expressive Language. Kylee scored right at adjusted age in all areas with the exception of Gross Motor and Expressive Language. Overall they are both doing great! Baxlyn was just a hair away from weighing 20lbs (19lbs 15.5oz to be exact) which means we can turn their car seats forward facing when we feel ready. Kylee weighed in at 21lbs!
Our main concern we had when leaving the appointment was Kylee's head circumference. After measuring multiple times, it showed her head hasn't grown since she was there last, which was January. The doctor said because of her brain injuries her head is not growing as rapidly as it should. Bret and I ask that you keep Kylee in your prayers and hope she shows better growth as time goes on. We are also currently waiting to hear from Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. Kylee was referred to SR for orthotics (braces) for her legs/ankles. Because of her hemiplegia, there's a chance she may not get in. If she doesn't get accepted there are other resources we can go through to get Kylee the orthotics she needs. We're not too worried and know God will open the door to where ever it is Kylee should be treated.
More stats next week when we go to the pediatrician's for their 15month check up!


  1. Will keep your babes in my prayers, especially Kylee. I know she's going to be just fine!

    They are doing so great. I have 30 weeker twin boys dob 11/25/08) that are still trying to do some of the things your kiddos have already mastered and my boys had fairly benign NICU issues so it just shows you the brain has an amazing power to compensate and heal, especially in children.
    I see your posts on the preemie board at I'm pekeluvr on there.
    Take care!

  2. heather, great to hear that the girls are doing great overall! i follow these munchkins several times a week! let us know their heights from the appt, too, so that we can better picture these gorgeous kiddos of yours (if you are willing to share, that is). hope you had a great mother's day!


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