Monday, November 8, 2010

Six Flags Over Texas

Yep! The babies got to experience Six Flags this weekend! Bret's company along with two others rented out the whole park for the day so Bret, Bethany and I loaded up and headed out. It was a chilly morning but ended up being a beautiful day of fun, (too-much) food, and ZERO lines at the rides!! Here the babies are watching some big kids on a ride in Looney Toones Land!

The swings were one of the few things the babies could "ride" - and let me tell you ride is the right word - those things F L E W and I had a mild panic attack when they started spinning. Anyways, as we loaded them into the swings I was surprised when none of them freaked out and wanted to get out. When the ride was over there was a choir of "MO MO MO MO MO MO MO Bees Bees MO MO" (translated "more more more please please more..."). Because there were no lines we were able to leave them there to ride several more rounds.
Seriously yall.... they FLEW. From the swings we they got to fly planes for the first time! Below Brody and Baxlyn...
and Kylee & Korbin.
Our attempt at a group picture with Daffy, Sylvester & Porky the Pig. How hilarious is this picture?! Baxlyn calm and content and the others trying to RUN FOR THEIR LIVES!!!! Wish I could have gotten a close up of their faces (I know, mean Mommy)!
Bret was sweet enough to sit and feed the babies lunch so Bethany and I could ride some "big people" rides. Thanks Babe :]
Mommy Korbin & Korbin's cracker
Sweet Silly Kylee
Mommy & Kylee
Baxlyn & Bethany. Love this look!
The Korb having some alone time.
On the top of the tower checkin' out the big city of Arlington Texas!
Meeting Robin & Wonder Woman
As we were walking we saw a log ride type thing that looked like we could go on with the babies. I realized when we started moving towards a dark tunnel it was the Yosemite Sam and the Gold River Adventure Dark Ride. As we entered I thought "oh great they're gonna freak". To my surprise they did fine. No smiles but no tears, just looks of wonder...
Mommy & her Broman

Bethany with Korbin & Baxlyn
Daddy & Kylee
After our log ride the babies stood and watched as the next boat came in full of people waving and saying "awwww look at all the babies!" L-R Korbin Baxlyn Brody & Kylee
The boys checkin' out the cool guy on the guitar on our way out...
So fun, can't wait to take them back!


  1. Looks like a great time! I have to know where the boys' hoodies came from?!

  2. Sarah - are these hoodies not the cutest?!?! Target. They came with the pants and the long sleeved onsie too!

  3. Looks like alot of fun. Some really good pictures.

  4. I still love the one of them trying to bail out of the wagon, b/c of Sylvester, Porky and Daffy! So hilarious! I think I would have had a mild panic attack too about the swing ride!


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