Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Festivities Part 1

We had so much fun this Halloween letting the babies trick or treat! We took them to a few houses up and down the street late in the afternoon, ensuring we could get them in bed before the big trick or treaters came! We borrowed this ginormous awesome wagon from a couple at church (thanks Scott & Diana!) and it was the perfect accessory for our barnyard theme this year. We filled it with hay, sat the babies inside and they were good to go!

L-R Brody Baxlyn Korbin & Kylee
We were joined by the quads' best friend and little football player Levi! How SWEET is he?!
The babies each got suckers on at the first stop and within minutes had the wrappers off...

We stopped by the Thompson house to see the triplets. Here's Baxlyn and Deuce. Don't ya just want to know what they were thinking? I'm sure it was something along the lines of: Deuce "What the heck is this?" Baxlyn "Woooaahh... I wish I has that much hair!".

I captured several of these looks over the course of the evening! "Really.... you are gonna let me grab what I want out of this bucket?!"

Baxlyn spent most of the time swapping out candy from each bucket making sure everyone had some and made sure everyone had a sucker in their mouth at all times. The girl is REALLY becoming the momma of the group, such a sweet big sister!

Every farm needs a farmer!

Another one of those "wow you are SO nice!" looks!

After parading around for a while we unloaded our STICKY farm animals, got 'em fed and into bed! By that time it was getting dark and us adults had an awesome evening scaring the guts out of older trick or treaters (and their parents at times..haha)!
My wittle babies last year...

What a difference a year makes!


  1. Okay, you in the overalls and braids is what totally made it for me. The farmer pulling her wagon of barnyard animals ... SO CUTE!

  2. So cute, looks like everybody had a great time. You all are such a nice looking family, love"ya" all.

  3. What a cute little farm!! Can't believe how big they are getting.

    Love that Korbin and Trevor had the same costumes this year!!

  4. Adorable! I love momma dressed as a farmer!

  5. Love Love Love it! Them babies are so cute!!! I feel you on Sticky!! Bret gave the babies suckers and they were trying to eat the paper with it...threw a fit when we tried to take the paper off like we were stealing their suckers... Super cute quads though!!!

  6. I loved their costumes, and you got some great pics! :)

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