Friday, November 12, 2010

Pearly Whites

The babies had their 2nd checkup at the dentist this week! Their first visit went great but I was a little apprehensive about this one, now that they're older. Anna and I stayed in one room with Brody & Baxlyn while Ashley took Kylee & Korb to another to get their cleanings. Like last time, Brody had the hardest time and cried a little bit. He clung to his Mickey until the torture was over...
Baxlyn on the other hand, was a champ. After checking out the tools and toothbrush she glady handed over her pink puppy, laid back, and opened wide so the nice lady could clean her 4 little teeth! The dental assistant said she was the perfect patient!

Korbin and Kylee did great during their cleanings too and everyone's teeth looked perfect and healthy!
We WOULD HAVE been in and out of the office within, no joke, 30minutes. As we were loading up, I went to my purse to dig for my keys... nothing. OK, no worries they must be in the diaper bag... nope nothing. Back to the purse...nothing...diaper bag again... nothing.... pockets... nothing. I went and peeked into the car and there were my keys sitting in Brody's car seat, locked in the car. I KNEW this would happen one day and thankfully it happened on the day I wasn't by myself, we were in no rush, had beautiful weather, and an office staff that was kind and welcoming. We played in the big empty waiting room and strolled around the parking lot until the roadside assistance guy got there 45 minutes later. Hoping that doesn't ever happen again!


  1. Arnn arnnnnn!


  2. These babies are just perfect !!!!!!

    Love love love them !! You too Heather ! Thanks again for letting me share in this special time ;-)

  3. I love seeing this post! We are heading to the dentist next month so I am glad to see it goes pretty smooth. I love that I have the security key code on the outside of the van so I don't have to worry about locking myself out. I would have done it a dozen times by now!

  4. It was a fabulous time!!! It was soo much fun and they are such great babies!! Love ya'll!!!

  5. you can have an extra key made that won't start your car if it is a newer model, but it will unlock the doors. then get one of the key holders that you can put under your vehicle. it is magnetic and you can stick it on the frame somewhere. if you ever get locked out again, you can just reach under the vehicle and open the door. just put it in some place that isn't real obvious.


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