Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Festivities Part 2

Bret and I have taken the babies on several occasions to a local nursing home so the residents can enjoy their company. We had told them on the 4th of July we would be back for Halloween, so Monday, we did just that!

The babies were on great behavior and didn't mind being the center of attention once again. I'm so glad they are patient when we go, they have no clue how happy they make the people who see them. It's so sweet to see some of these men and women in absolute awe of the babies. Many, I'm sure, haven't seen kids in years. The last time we were there a man told us "Seeing these babies makes being here all worth it". Its crazy to think by taking just a few hours out of our busy life we can can brighten these people's lives and give them something to look forward to. As we slowly walk through the halls, little old couples come out of their rooms to take a peek. Some are speechless and just stare at the babies with smiles and others tell us about their children, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.
This lady (below) asked when she could babysit them, bless her heart! She then asked if she could sing them a lullaby. We all sat at watch as she softly mumbled under her breath to the babies a song of her own. After her song she followed us the rest of the time we were there. Love this picture of she and Kylee getting a good close look at each other...
We went through the "Memory Care" part of the nursing home and stayed in one spot for a good 20 minutes. The little Grandma's couldn't get enough of them and would have stood there all day long looking at them. The one in the white sweater just celebrated her 97th birthday!

"Yeah, they love me..." - Baxlyn
Baxlyn & Korbin
Mommy & Baxlyn leading the train. Korbin - the caboose!
As we left I saw Baxlyn waving her little heart out to a couple standing by... so sweet!
Feels so good to share my little blessings with others :]


  1. OMG...Heather!!! Tears! That is such an awesome idea! I know how much mine meant to my made their day I'm sure!!!

  2. Wonderful, we need more people like your family around! Your kids are going to be sweathearts, I know just by how they are being raised! Thanks for your kindness!

  3. What an awesome thing to do! My grandmother is in a nursing home and although she is on the "healthy" end of the spectrum, compared to the other residents, I know that it really makes everyones day when children visit. Anytime I bring either of my children there to visit her, it always causes a stir and all the residents wants to stop and talk! :)

    What a blessing those children are to these folks and they don't even know it yet! :)

  4. Aw, what a great idea!! When I was in the hospital for 2 months, I often thought about what it would be like to be in a nursing home and know that you're not getting out of there until you die. :( So glad that you guys can spread some cheer and offer the residents something to take their minds off of the everyday routine.

  5. Oh Heather you are amazing. This made me tear up...I can only imagine the feelings in each of those residents. I hope to be as awesome of a mom someday. Oh and Korbin cracks me up in that costume. Do they make a Richie-sized one??


  6. You are too sweet! What a great job you are doing instilling thoughtfulness into your children.

  7. heather - i have kept up with your blog since the babies were born (can't even remember how i found it tho!!). i have never commented but i couldn't NOT comment tonight. i am a speech pathologist with a lot of experience working in nursing homes. i can just picture what a blessing you guys are to the residents when you visit. isn't it great to just see the glow on their faces when they see the kids??

  8. Heather you are AMAZING! I just love you so big!!!

  9. I know that it really makes everyones day when children visit. Anytime I bring either of my children there to visit her, it always causes a stir and all the residents wants to stop and talk!

  10. I think I just fell in love with you guys. Especially because the way you speak about doing this, it's as if you don't think anything of it-- like everyone is so warm-hearted and kind and thinking of others who would benefit from more love. I have no doubt that the residents remember your trips and hold your family in a special place in their hearts. My great-aunt had Alzheimer's and was in the nursing home when I was a child; we used to visit her a lot and even in her condition, she always managed to remember me and be on her best behavior when I was around (apparently she had a knack for being a little feisty and punching nurses. And hating the rest of my family). I think that proves the bond between the elderly and youth :) God Bless you and your beautiful family, keep doing good for this world- we need more people like you!

    And those are the freakin' cutest barn animals I've ever seen. Love how furry the costumes are!

  11. Wow that just totally made me cry! What a wonderful thing to do! I'm sure you made those ladies and gentlemen's days, by parading them around in their farm costumes! :) So sweet!


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