Monday, February 21, 2011

The Best Birthday Yet: Part 2!

Part two of the Quad's 2nd birthday we spent at the ZOO! Big Surprise, huh? I'm teased by everyone all the time on how often I take these kiddos to the zoo, but we LOVE it! Last week was one of the best trips so far. Daddy was with us, the weather was a perfect 68 degrees, and it just happened to be the same day our local moms of multiples group went too so we met up with a couple of triplet friends to spend the afternoon! Below we have the Ballew Triplets, the Tew Triplets, and our lil' clan ready to roll...

Angela and I go to the zoo often together and completely wear ourselves out pulling the choo choos around everywhere and up and down hills, Bret did most of the pulling this time....ahhhh thank you Bret! Pretty funny to walk 20 feet behind him and watch the reactions from others when they see him and his parade of babies!
Another first for Bret was keeping track of a 7 toddlers and a 4 year old while us moms did the diapee changes after lunch. He had an audience watching him from the cafeteria windows!
The babies' favorite stop at the zoo is the goat pen. It's a small area that the kids go into to pet (or in Kylee's case ride, pull on, poke, smell, kiss...etc.) the "Doats". This was our best shot at a group pic...
Baxlyn and Daddy
I would seriously consider getting a goat if I had to... they are SO patient with kids, it amazes me. The first time we let the babies in with them, I was a little nervous I would be with an unfamiliar dog. Now days I swear you could drop em off, go for lunch, come back and they would still be there having a bawl and the poor goats would just be sitting there like they always do. Here's a picture of Korbin playing with this poor guy's ear flinging it back and forth over and over and ovverrr... he thought it was hilarious.
Sweet Kylee is in Heaven when she's around animals and cares nothing about anything else surrounding her. She loves (almost) any animal and doesn't hesitate to touch! Here's my sweet girl getting up close and personal with a "Doat"..."Doat? Doat? Eat? Doat?"
Korbin, Kylee & Brody
Before heading out after a long day at the zoo, we decided to let each one ride the horse. We paid $2 for each baby to walk in a 50 foot circle one time. Really? It's their birthday, nobody else is waiting in line, you have nothing else to do, ya can't take em around twice?! Anyways, Brody was up first and enjoyed every second of it, he would have stayed on all day. The entire time I could hear him yell "Woohooo Woah! WOW!" it was ADORABLE!
Next up was Miss Baxlyn, a little more cautious and still, but had a good time none the less!
After B was Korbin. Love this picture of Baxlyn watching him through the fence!
Poor Kylee, as surprising as it is, wanted NOTHING to do with that horse. Each time we would put one back to grab another she would cry and say Nooooo. Once the other 3 had gone I asked her "Ky Ky, do you want to ride the horse?" to which she quickly replied "Nooo Nooooooooo Buh-bye Buh-Bye NOOO!!!!!". It broke my heart that she was so terrified. Here she is waving and yelling "no". My poor doll!Once we chuggalugged away from the horse Kylee was fine and the rest of our day was nothing but smiles. We packed up and the babies napped on our way to our final destination to end our day of celebrating their 2nd birthday. Stay tuned for Part 3 of The Best Birthday Yet!


  1. Sounds like a fun day at the Zoo. We can't wait to be able to take ours to the zoo this spring. Last summer it was to warm here in KC so we wasn't at the Zoo very long. But this year, we'll probably be taking our step2 4 seater wagon as well.

  2. Absolutely ADORABLE! Love the pic of Bret with both Choo Choo wagons!! Does it bug you that the trailers don't come in different colours? lol it bugs me!

  3. Although here in Canada the first two seats are blue and red instead of purple and green lol it would be nice if we could use those colours for the fourth trailer!

  4. Thanks guys! Evie, yes the newer choo choos are the red/blue and yes i wish i could change up the colors sometimes!

  5. Please get in touch with us, thanks! We've been trying to reach you by email with no luck.

    -Skye, BlogHer Publishing Network


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