Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Super Sunny Sandy Saturday!

After a couple of weeks of NASTY weather, we finally got out for the entire day! It was a nice 60ish degrees out so we packed up and headed to Papaw's house where the babies played for hours with old tin popcorn cans and empty CD cases! Uncle Smiley and Cousin Jason came down from Kentucky for a surprise visit (ahem... Uncle Joe??? Where are you?!?!) so we spent a great deal of the day with them. I offered to let them take a few babies with them back to Kentucky...they passed ;)
When loading up to head back home the quads were running in opposite directions and screaming "Noooooo!" not wanting to leave. We ended up giving in and letting them play for an hour so in Papaw's BIG fenced in yard. They ran, fell, got up, found sticks, ate snow, threw the ball, fell some more, smelled the flowers, ate the flowers, picked the leaves, threw the dirt... and did anything else lil' almost 2 yr olds would do! It was fun and we left tired and dirty!
Uncle Smiley, Jason & Papaw with their girls!
It wasn't long after leaving the babies were all sound asleep in the car. Bret and I took full advantage of the quietness and had a romantic (haha!) drive through date at sonic! After dinner the sun was still shining so we headed over to the park to let the babies play. We've tried the park a couple of times now and it's one of the HARDEST things ever not having an even adult per baby ratio. Practice makes perfect right? We gave it a shot.
Baxlyn is always the first one to start climbing so Bret quickly goes to the top of the playground and waits as I send them up one at a time. Kylee usually prefers to stay on the ground and observe or be held so she and I watch as Daddy alone attempts to direct the other three away from danger and drop offs and towards the tunnel slide. Bret yells from the top "Baxlyn's coming down!" as Kylee and I wait at the bottom of the slide to catch. When she's done Bret sends the others down one at a time. This is where it gets tricky. After I catch B, I have to have at least one free hand to catch the next one so while Daddy sends down the next baby, Baxlyn is well on her way back up the HUGE playground by herself and soon to be followed by another. Stressed yet? I am. By this time, other parents at the playground are stopped dead in their tracks watching us with their jaws dropped. Bret and I have to work as a team and cover a large area from the top of the slide, to the bottom, to wherever Baxlyn and so and so have decided to try to climb back up. Bret and I have some mad communication skills when it comes to public areas and safety! At any given second we are speaking to each other, listening to each other, handling babies and counting to 4 simultaneously. At this point our conversation sounds something like this:
Bret: "Here comes Brody!"
Me: "Ok go ahead, Baxlyn is on her way back up."
Me: "Ok I've got Brody, send Korbin.... Hurry get Baxlyn!"
Bret: "Ok here's Korbin. Baxlyn, come here!"
Me: "Watch out, Brody's on his way up! - KYLEE quit eating woodchips!"
Me: "I have Korbin. 1,2,3.... we're missing one.... where's Brody?!"
Bret: "I've got him, Brody COME HERE! Do you have Baxlyn?"
Me: "She's right behind you headed to the other slide, grab her! Don't let go of Brody! Korbin, hold on, wait for me!"
Bret: "Kylee's eating dirt. I've got Baxlyn."
Me: "Kylee, quit eating the dirt. Korbin go to Daddy now! Send down Brody."
Bret: "Here comes Baxlyn."
Seriously wears me out just thinking about it again. It is so hard and I long for the day I can take them to the park by myself, sit back on the bench like the other moms, and read my book (Ok, I wouldn't be reading, but you get the point). After many rounds of sliding, climbing, chasing, and sliding again we gathered them all and walked over to the sand volleyball court and for once Bret and I could take a breather. A big flat open space was just what we needed and it was easy on the eyes as far as counting to 4 over and over. Once I caught me breath from the slide extravaganza, I grabbed my camera and started snapping away. It was their first time to play in sand and they enjoyed every minute of it. They played alone, played together, and I even caught them playing boy/boy girl/girl! They threw sand, ate it (Kylee of course), dug into it with sticks and piled it up on the concrete ledge. No doubt, they could have stayed all day long!
My lil' sand babies!

Brody & Kylee

The Korb
Kylee & Baxlyn
Sisters & Brothers (LOVE THIS!)

It was such a fun day and I'm so thankful God finally gave us some warm sunny beautiful weather to enjoy! It's supposed to be this beautiful alllllll weeeeeeeek loooonnng and I intend to get these lil' almost TWO YEAR OLDS (holy cow!) out as much as I can!

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