Monday, February 7, 2011

Cabin Fever

The above picture is a pretty accurate illustration of how last week went down, although we had more ice than snow. The weather we endured was INSANE for Texas. We woke up Tuesday morning to nothing but ice and our freezing temperatures continued through Friday afternoon. It was a week of school/business closings, rolling blackouts, empty grocery shelves and facebook status weather dRaMa! On top of the ice, we were told by our weather guys to expect up to 1 inch of snow in parts of north Texas Friday morning. That one inch ended up being 4 inches and it continued to snow alllllll day long. I know you northerners laugh at the thought of 4-7 inches, but down here, that's unheard of!

I'm pretty sure only 4 people in North Texas went to work over the course of the week, Bret being one of them. Despite the dangerous roads and freezing temps, he went to work everyday, missing not one single hour... which is good I vacation time was wasted BUT it left me at home with all four babies and no where to go. Although we don't get out everyday, between therapy, house guests, trips to target and playdates we have plenty of ways to "change up" the average day. We spent our iced-in week, indoors, just the five of us and I did my best not to turn them into TV junkies. Thanks to things like coloring books, songs, Nemo, and turning the living room into a bounce house made of crib mattresses, we survived Cabin Fever!

How long until Spring?!?!?!


  1. We feel your pain. Obviously here in Canada it's slightly different, but this year has been crazy! Last year we had 1 meter of snow all winter long..this year we had 1 meter in the first weekend of snow fall, and it really hasn't slowed down much since. We're also SO ready for Spring!!

  2. Love the idea of the bounce house with crib mattresses!! Way to go Sis, you are so creative!


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