Monday, February 28, 2011

My Lil' Sick Princesses

Sick. Yup, sick again.
It started a few days ago with a few coughs and a fever here and there and just got worse. Way worse. We had the typical Motrin/Ibuprofen on board but they weren't helping. Baxlyn opted not to eat all day Sunday and by Sunday night she had a temp of 103 and Kylee 103.6. With high fevers and many coughs, it was a loonng night. This morning (Monday) I made the call the to pediatrician and was told to bring them in. Nana came over to watch the boys, I loaded up the girls and we were on our way. Upon arriving the nurse weighed them (Baxlyn 22lb 8oz Kylee 24lb 4oz) and took their temps. Luckily B was a normal 98.4 but Kylee was at 101.7 and the poor girl looked miserable. Whenever Kylee has to do something she's not a fan of (diaper change/having her face washed after meals/getting her hair put up...etc) we tell her "almost done, Baby, almost done". The second Dr. Reyes opened the door to our exam room, Kylee immediately yelled "AAAWWMOSE? AWMOSE?" Bless her heart! She knew he was there to mess with her.

After a thorough examination, we found that Kylee has a single ear infection and a rough cough (although her lungs are clear yay!) she was given a shot to help bring down her fever as well as antibiotics. Miss Baxlyn wasn't as lucky. Although she seemed to be feeling better than Kylee, her case was a little worse...pneumonia and although they didn't do an RSV swab to prove it, RSV is a possibility after listening to her lungs. That's two babies within 2 months being diagnosed with pneumonia. Gotta love those premature lungs (ya feel my sarcasm?)! So Baxlyn left with a prescription for steriods, antibiotics, as well as making this Mommy a not so proud owner of a nebulizer. Once we got home, Baxlyn puked the little lunch she had had up all over me and the floor and within minutes poor Kylee was BEGGING to go night night. Although it sucks that they're sick, I'm SO THANKFUL this crud hit us this year and not last year. Sure their little lungs are not the best of the best, but they are much stronger than they were and this diagnosis last season could have easily landed us in the hospital.

Non stop coughs and tears from my poor baby girls :(

Baxlyn did GREAT with her first breathing treatment!
My hopes are high it's all uphill from here but realistically there's a good probability we will be seeing Dr. Reyes again sooner than later. If Kylee's fever returns and is high tomorrow, we go back. If Baxlyn is still wheezing on Thursday, we go back. If either of the boys spike a fever in addition to the minor coughs they already have, you guessed it, we go back. So if ya could, please say a lil prayer for our sweet babies and that they are as good as new in no time!


  1. oh no poor littles! Praying they are feeling better soon.

  2. The photo of the girls on the couch is hear breaking! :( I hope they feel better soon!!

  3. I'm so sorry your sick my precious girls! You have alot of people praying for you and I know that God will hear those prayers and help you get better real soon! Hugs and kisses, Aunt Beth

  4. I sure hope they both start feeling better soon. Not fun at all.

  5. We all hope everyone gets well soon. Its all going around and around. Ours just started getting better this past week. One had a slight ear infection and was running a high fever and how he's totally happy back to their normal selfs.

  6. I just found your blog and became a follower! Hope you all get better!

  7. Kylee and Baxlyn I just said a special prayer for both of you to get better. You have a great mommy and daddy and nana to take good care of you. Love you all let me know if you need anything.


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