Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter 2011

I had been looking forward to Easter all week. Looking forward to the break I got having other adults around to help, being with family, and celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus! Easter morning started off like any other Sunday morning. We all got up, got dressed for Sunday church and headed out the door. By the time we got to church Korbin just wasn't himself and by the end of service he was running a fever. Boo. By the time we got to Aunt Beth & Uncle Darrell's house the poor little dude was miserable and had zero interest in his Easter basket. Brody Baxlyn & Kylee dug into their baskets that consisted of stickers, eggs and bubbles while we practically forced Korbin to sit with his for a group picture.

After lunch we took the quads outside to do another egg hunt and thankfully Korbin perked up enough to join in the fun. Below is a picture of them with their baskets full of eggs!

Love this one of Kylee reeeaaching for the egg that rolled between her legs, she got it too! While looking at all of the pics deciding which to post, Baxlyn and I came across several of these pics of Kylee and she yelled "Kylee fall dowm, UH OH! Kylee fall dowm. Kylee right deah fall dowm right deah!!" poor girl was SO concerned over her sister!

Leave it to Papa to show them how to eat that freshly melted Easter chocolate right out of the foil wrapper!

The INSTANT we came inside from hunting eggs, Brody was hit with fever and curled up under his blanket on the floor, not letting go of his Dudu. The girls got to enjoy coloring eggs with the family and Korbin eventually joined in a little. Poor Broman felt soo bad he didn't move a muscle to see what was going on :( The egg coloring consisted of 2 (at times 3) toddlers and at least 4 adults and it was all we could do to keep things under control. Leave it to Kylee to dump a cup of orange food dye then stick her hand in it!

Some parents use vinegar in the mouth as a form of punishment.... future reference this will not work for Baxlyn. The girl LOVED it. Between CHUNKING eggs into different cups with dye, she would do her best to sneak in a spoonful of the yummy stuff.... eww!

My lil' B sitting proudly with her eggs!

You can see Brody couldn't care less about the eggs, I hate that he was feeling so horrible and had to miss out on the fun.

Finally, my sweet girls and their bunny ears! I LOVE these things, so so adorable! Their "hats" as they call them, were a little bit big this year but will be the perfect fit next year, I know. A friend of ours in Kentucky makes all sorts of cute girly accessories including bows, bow boards, bunny ears, hats, headbands, purses and more! Find her facebook page and see more of her products here!

After an afternoon of high fevers and close contact with our AWESOME pediatrician (Thanks Dr. Reyes!!!!!!!!!!!) we made an appointment for Monday morning. Turns out our little boys, as well as Miss Kylee, had strep throat AGAIN. Luckily this time is passed quickly and stayed away from me! Within 24 hours they were all back to their normal little selves and enjoyed the rest of the week. Here's to hoping next year we have 4 healthy 3 year olds to celebrate Easter with!

Stay tuned! Coming up - an interesting night in Quadville as Mom & Dad are challenged by a certain little sneaky someone and a Barnyard Birthday Bash!

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